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 A New Way to Hike Invented by Geoff Babb And His Team for People With Disabilties
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A New Way to Hike Invented by Geoff Babb And His Team for People With Disabilties

Geoff Babb who is suffering from two strokes is trying its best to recover with the help of his family, his wife Yvonne, and many more friends.

According to Babb, The strokes that he is going through are called quadriparesis Aka weakness in all four limbs, they have affected his whole body.

In the nation, stroke is one of the causes of major disability, despite this Babb was not able to a suitable wheelchair for him, as some require upper body strength, others were too frail and some motorized options aren’t allowed on many trails.

Then later on Babb started to visualize any other thing better than a wheelchair that can help him and other people with disabilities. Since then the birth of AdvenChair happened.

This product is inspired by mountain bikes which a look like that, the chair features disc brakes, treaded tires, and handlebars, but the chair is a team sport. From 1 to 6 people can easily be a helping hand by pushing, pull or direct the wheelchair.

Amy Kazmier, who is a friend and so-called “mule" said, it doesn't matter what route they have planned since always there are not the same routes you can go anywhere.

In 2016, after they had made a trip to the Grand Canyon since there is a nickname for people who power the chair. Kazmier said an axle broke of a wheelchair in the famously steep terrain and they had to carry the chair up to the hill.

The project's course was changed due to failure. A product development engineer, Jack Arnold said, they had to start it all and create a new design.

Their goals are to be a part of the outdoor sports industry and strengthen the frame. According to Arnold, The AdvenChair is nothing like the normal wheelchair and does not base on wheelchair parts, the whole is body is a mountain bike component, there give more durable in comparison with the wheelchair parts and cheap too. You can always find a bike mechanic easily.

While building such a first-of-its-kind wheelchair cost around $10,000. Babb pointed out that the chair cannot be used as a medical device. Instead of that, they are gonna send out the wheelchair at the rips for people with disabilities.

Image credit: LonelyTaws \ Pixabay

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  1. Arnie Slater
    Arnie Slater
    Good article. I like the idea of a better chair. My only complaint is... there are some sentences that do not make sense. Maybe it is a language barrier... I am not sure. “In 2016 they made a trip to the Grand Canyon since there is a nickname for those that power the chair.... “ I understand that an axel broke and there was probably name calling involved...but what were the names? Edit carefully is all I am saying. Good article though.
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