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Bride in a Wheelchair Marries the Love of Her Life
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Bride in a Wheelchair Marries the Love of Her Life

Being paralysed in an accident did not stop Carly Webber from marrying the man she loved, as shown in a recent documentary, Extraordinary Weddings on British television channel ITV. Carly was just 22 when she had her life-changing freak accident: on Firework Night, November 2011, she fell backwards off a wall, and broke her spine. She was told by doctors that she would never walk again, a diagnosis which left her and her family inconsolable. However, her boyfriend Nelly was determined that, while it might change her life, it would not change his love for her, or their plans to spend their life together.

Nelly Webber says: “I knew we would be together forever, before the accident. The accident acted as a catalyst for us moving in together, getting married and growing up. Everything happened quicker than planned, but it happened anyway.” (Quoted in The Sun TV Magazine, 3 December 2016).

Apparently, Carly’s mother urged Nelly to leave her just after the accident, because she thought it best for Carly to have the heartbreak straightaway, rather than Nelly leaving her later because he could not cope with her being paraplegic. But Nelly says he would never have left, and knows Carly would have done the same for him.  Carly feels just as secure in her relationship due to Nelly’s support and thinks that if anything the accident has brought them even closer than they were.  

But as the wedding day got closer, Carly admits that the fact she knew she wouldn’t walk down the aisle was what made her the saddest about everything.  She admits it was a big hurdle for her to get over, even though she knew nothing would stop her from marrying Nelly.

When the big day came, Carly’s dad James pushed her down the aisle in her wheelchair. Carly says it was her dream day, especially since some of the times the couple had been through since the accident had not been good times, so the wedding day was a particularly happy event.

The wedding definitely had a positive impact on Carly - before that day, she had only been out in her wheelchair around her local village three times in three years.  She says: “My wedding day made me realise that people would be looking at me for other reasons than because I am in a wheelchair. By taking part in the TV show, we wanted to show people that life goes on after an accident like mine.” she adds.

As they consider their future together, they are hopeful that medical advances may help Carly walk again.

“It will be a role reversal when we are older.” she jokes. "I will be the one pushing the wheelchair, and Nelly will be sitting in it.”

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  1. John Mark
    Vote #2! What a beautiful love story! This is the way Christ loves the church, even with all our imperfections. His love covers our sins and leaves us white as snow. Nelly does not see Carly's wheelchair, but rather her sees her true beauty! How romantic!
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