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‘Easy News’ – A Light-Bulb Movement!
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‘Easy News’ – A Light-Bulb Movement!

Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.

- Vladimir Lenin

Well, the theory behind the movement I’m going to cast light on ensnares a very thought-provoking issue. That issue?  Raising a finger toward equality of citizenship for people with learning disabilities.

Speaking of equal citizenship, let's create a scenario where every bona-fide citizen is given equal rights and benefits. Every citizen shall be able to practice his or her individual rights, thus helping structure the nation towards growth.

This scenario fails to achieve its goal if even a single citizen is devoid of rights under any circumstances, and this may not be healthy for overall growth of that nation.

Right to Information is justified for every citizen equally. Citizens participate in building the nations future, so we all deserve the right to know what’s going on, especially in politics, so that we can form our own opinions and make judgements.

Unfortunately, people with learning disabilities have been duped enough about utilizing their rights.

According to recent research carried by United Response, a top charity based in England and Wales: Concerning people with learning disabilities, of the disabled population, just 11% read newspaper, most of them losing interest in the such updates, including politics, as they felt the issues had nothing to do with them.

The team that analyzed this data, realized that this happened because they were not able to receive the information as it is delivered, due to their inability to understand or even read.

To prevail over these issues, United Response has recently come up with something that was arduous and applaudable!

On January 23, 2013, they launched Easy News, the first ever newspaper meant for people with learning disabilities. The newspaper features stories in easy-to-read format. The stories are translated to simple language and presented along with pictures that help users understand and get the information correctly, thereby generating interest the news and creating awareness.

"A newspaper for people with learning disabilities was a light-bulb moment!" says Kaliya Franklin, a disability rights activist & blogger. “Easy News is a project I am proud of because accessible news is vital to full participation in society,” she furthers.

Rightly said, Ms.Franklin.

People with learning disabilities may face day to day challenges, but that does not mean things are impossible for them. They are just different. For them, we just need to change the delivery.

These indivicuals are specially-abled but NOT invalid. They are supposed to be equal contributors to  society.

And journalism is journalism only if it impacts completely!

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  1. Winnie
    Fantastic article shabs. This is indeed a revolution !!
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    An absolutely unique concept - Learning Disability ! Everyone's "talking-a-loud" about physical disability all the time. Thanks for taking up an important disability & providing the information on positive initiatives made towards bridging the gab among have & have-nots. KUDOS to Easy News!
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  3. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. Well said! Great blog. I am British and I didn't know about this, but it doesn't surprise me. A great innovation (maybe I could get a job with this paper!!)
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  4. Lil Bit
    Lil Bit
    Voted - Great blog. I can totally relate because I have a learning disability. During my school years, I struggled with reading and with math. I love to read. Depending on the subject, I pretty much understand what I am reading. I think a lot has to do on the topic; if it is great of interest , I can comprehend what I am reading.
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  5. Ann
    A very informative article shabs.The first paper Easy News as well as your blog will certainly help to generate interest in creating awareness to such disable people. Well done .
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  6. Ann
    A very informative article shabs.The first paper Easy News as well as your blog will certainly help to generate interest in creating awareness to such disable people. Well done .
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  7. pftsusan
    #12, Great blog. I fit right in. Drop by my new blog, "Copywriting". There are some good tips in there. Vote if you like it and share it.
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  8. SignLanguage
    This is an interesting post. It ties in very well with what I just wrote about Deaf people. As a matter of fact, I think I will recommend this to some of my Deafie friends! Voted, and don't forget to stop by my new post, too!
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    1. SignLanguage
      And give me a vote!
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