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 These Online Classes are Giving Kids With Disabilities That are Stuck at Home Due to The Coronavirus a Much-needed Break
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These Online Classes are Giving Kids With Disabilities That are Stuck at Home Due to The Coronavirus a Much-needed Break

Due to the ongoing coronavirus, schools are shut down and exams are postponed. It has brought a change in the routine of the students across India and the ones who are especially affected by this shutdown are students with disabilities. Without teachers and school, they can become disruptive and this can even bring anxiety in the student.

Since there are learning centers that have started online classes so that the children with disabilities don't have a loss in their routine and also they can stay occupied by this. One of them is the Evoluer Solutions which is using Zoom to provide daily sessions for students with disabilities.

Evoluer Solutions is a learning center that has educational and skilling programs for children and youth with disabilities.

The Founder-Director of Evoluer Solutions, Shaloo Sharma said, "We had virtual classes even before the coronavirus scare but not very often. Now we have them every day, so the students don’t miss out on the learning. We started the sessions on Monday when we shut our institute down. There are many children with disabilities stuck at home and technology offers great potential to reach out to them."

Every morning from 9 to 12 am, Evoluer students across Mumbai and Dehli are giving online sessions by using the Zoom app. On their Facebook page, from 10- 11 am there are free live classes where they use PPTs and whiteboards to explain the students with disabilities.

Topics like anxiety to friendship skills are been giving to the students through this session. While on the other hand, students are cooking and showing other stimulating activities on Facebook classes.

According to Shaloo, hundreds of people come up to them with amazing ideas and they have also got some great suggestions from the students and many parents sent them videos with their kids performing different activities.

Ernakulum-based Autism Club has also started online classes to reach out to the parents and children with disabilities. As a support system, the parents take videos of activities that they are doing with their kids at home. These videos are shared on the club's Facebook page so that other parents can also come to know this club.

Anita Pradeep who is the Co-founder of Autism Club says, "There are videos where parents and children are getting involved in activities like folding clothes, cooking, and baking."

Image credit: IanDScofieldWriter / Pixabay

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