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 Twenty-Seven-Year-Old Gedion Kipchumba Works Despite His Disability
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Twenty-Seven-Year-Old Gedion Kipchumba Works Despite His Disability

The story of Gedion Kipchumba and Miriam Wawira in the Sunday Nation is an excellent case of “disability is not inability”. This is just a representative case. There are many people out there engaged in various kinds of jobs that earn them a living. The people we commonly refer to as "disabled" are simply differently-abled. Given the opportunity, people with disabilities can often prove to be even more capable than able-bodied people.

Attitude is sometimes what makes all the difference. People with a negative attitude may tend to think that all doors are shut against them, and so they cannot work. On the other hand, those with a positive attitude believe that they are as capable as everyone else. They venture out and compete for all sorts of opportunities. They take up the jobs of their interest and they work hard to succeed at them. These are the likes of Gedion and Miriam. The attitude of the society towards people with disabilities also matters. This may determine whether or not they get the necessary support.

People living with disabilities acquire skills normally like everyone else. They can take formal training programs of their choice or they can learn through informal systems. Some of them utilize their talents in creating work. Armed with the relevant skills, people with disabilities can become competent and competitive in a wide variety of industries. Depending on the nature of their disability, their environment of work or their body parts may need a little adaptation.

People living with disabilities are often among the best work performers. Their level of productivity is many times higher than that of their able-bodied coworkers because they don’t waste time in loitering. They concentrate on their work and strive to make up for their disability. This makes many people surprised. 

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