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 Upgrade thought –- upgrade health!
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Upgrade thought –- upgrade health!

The human brain is an amazing organ. It can heal or destroy. There are ways to use your brain to heal your body, and one of the most used ways is through meditation. 

When you channel your thoughts positively, it creates chemical changes in the body & in turn, promotes healing. The main chemicals which play a role in our brain chemistry are Dopamine, Serotonin, Norepinephrine and Endorphins. Each of these affects a different area. Most recreational runners know the endorphin effect, or runner's high. Messages sent to the brain tell it to produce more or less of a certain chemical, depending on what the body needs at the time.  

Thought can bring about many things. When thought is intensely concentrated, it can exert great influence. Every faculty of the mind, both conscious and unconscious, down to the innermost point, must be focused without distraction. To accomplish this, the concentrated thought must spell out every step of the desired result in detail.

These messages can be stimulated by bodily processes which tell our mind what we need, or mental processes by which our thoughts originate the signaling message. It is the thought-as-originator concept, which is harder for people to understand.

Consider these examples:  

We know how easily our emotions, and resulting chemical changes, can be manipulated by visuals from TV or movies.

Even reading a suspenseful novel will elicit changes in our brain chemistry.

Consider how a coach gets adrenalin pumping in his football players before taking the field.

If we subject ourselves to a heavy menu of negative stimuli, we will probably suffer from stress-induced illness. When the mind is stressed, the level of immune protective cells goes down. The opposite is also true. When the emotional state is relaxed, the number of protective cells goes up. So if a person practices meditation, positive thinking and other methods to create a relaxed mood, immunity against disease improves.

Tipping the scales toward peaceful relaxed moods should keep the chemistry in balance and ensure a more healthful physical environment for cells.

These positive mental practices help to change confidence levels, by first changing chemical levels. Repeating the same words over and over can create new paths between chemicals. Once the new paths are created, new thought patterns become habitual. For example, to provide more will power, a person can change "I will never lose this weight." to "I can lose weight."

Since the 1960's, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a form of psychotherapy, has developed based on the premise that thoughts can change behavior and overwrite the cell's memory. Learning new rational, self-counseling skills are the focus of the client, under the teaching of the therapist. This type of counseling can achieve results quite quickly, but it is necessary that the client be able to articulate his thoughts and feelings and be willing to change them.  

A number of studies have indicated that regular meditation can reduce hypertension (high blood pressure), which is implicated in the vast majority of heart attacks and strokes, and that it can also lower abnormally high levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Other studies indicate that regular meditation may substantially increase blood levels of certain important immune-system hormones, while reducing levels of the stress hormones that have been linked to many diseases. In addition, meditation is said to be of benefit for migraine, various kinds of back pain, digestive disorders, arthritis, diabetes and thyroid problems.

The human body is a wonderful thing, and now we know that the mind is even more incredible! What mystics knew two hundred years ago, we now know evidentially: the mind has the power to bring mental, emotional and physical healing. Changing thought patterns is not always eas. In fact, it can be excruciatingly hard. But if one is able and determined to improve his or her health, methods are now close at hand that are free without nasty side effects. Upgrade thought, upgrade health!

There is so much more to learn about this positvely fabulous function of the brain. Getting your thoughts headed in the right direction is a good start. 

Be happy, Be healthy, have a great day & God bless!


Thank you for reading my blogs. I appreciate all votes & comments. 

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  1. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #2 Great Blog!!!!
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    1. Rene
      Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. :)
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  2. pftsusan
    This is a great blog and I agree.
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    1. Rene
      Glad you like it! :) Thank you.
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  3. SignLanguage
    You took another perspective from a topic that was already covered - and the two complement each other well! (You weren't on the site yet, so I'm not telling you anything bad here!) Great article! Voted! When you have the chance, come read my new post, My Personal Story.
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    1. Rene
      I hadn't even thought to look & see if there was another blog that might be similar. lol. Thank you for the compliment! :)
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      1. Teresa Thomas
        Teresa Thomas
        Wow! A very powerful blog indeed.. I thank you for such a powerful insight on this little organ. I am going to need to exercise such method of meditation in order to calm myself down. I have a tendency to blow up at times, and my kids tells me to calm down. I have a question. What about doing puzzles such as cross words or word search? I know, that by doing them, one can concentrate on slowing the mind down a bit. I love doing word search puzzles. I'm gong to be needing to get back into the habit of doing both, reading, and doing my word search puzzle books. Again, excellent blog, and vote, #5. Nice job.
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        1. Rene
          I don't know if puzzles would help you in regards to meditation/healing, but they do help in sharpening your mind & also memory. Thank you for the vote. :)
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