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 Why Are Portland Residents with Disabilities at Risk of Losing Social Security Benefits?
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Why Are Portland Residents with Disabilities at Risk of Losing Social Security Benefits?

A group of almost 1,000 disabled Portland residents have recently found themselves facing the reality of possibly losing their social security benefits. This is through no fault of their own, though. The party responsible for this potential loss is a non-profit group called Safety Net.

Safety Net’s proposed aim is to assist individuals with disaiblities—often with low income—keep track of their bills as well as assisting them with receiving their disability checks. But now Safety Net is under federal investigation related to the severe mismanagement of money.

While most would like to assume that an organization that claims to help the disabled should be innocent until proven guilty, Safety Net is not doing much to make things look much better. Any reporters that have visited the Safety Net offices have been asked to leave. There is also a note posted to their office window, informing the public that they will permanently close up shop in April.

Those that have worked with Safety Net in the past are reporting similar stories. Many involve money that was allegedly sent somewhere and simply never arrived at its destination. Other stories reveal that payments that were made on behalf of the clients never arrived at the place it was intended to go.

The distrust and mismanagement of money isn’t the only troubles these clients will face. They now need to find another source to help them with their disability checks and managing their bills and finances, something many of them simply can’t do on their own. And without this sort of help, there could be potential lapses in their social security benefits.

If a solution is now found quickly, there could be hundreds of disabled and homeless people that will have no way to get their disability funds. Many of those affected don’t even yet realize that Safety Net is no longer an option. Currently, the local government has been made aware of the situation and is closely monitoring it.  

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