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 Xander Mozejewski is Coolness Personified
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Xander Mozejewski is Coolness Personified

He is living his life full of adventures, fun, and craziness. Because of the way he lives his everyday life, most people around him and those who are following him on social media see that he is one ridiculously awesome guy. And some would even forget that he uses a wheelchair.

Xander Mozejewski seemed to have everything a young man would dream of. He’s a graduate from a great school, and an excellent snowboarder and skateboarder. He's talented, a skillful photographer, good looking and a charmer. He earned a living while doing the things he loves. But at the age of 20, this free-spirited young man experienced a frightful motorcycle accident. It was on November 13, 2011 when his life turned upside down.

Xander was driving his Ducati S4 along Ventura Boulevard. Having a ride with a superbike engine, he tried to beat the red light not knowing that another vehicle was also fast approaching from the other side. When he turned left, the car crashed into his side, sending him flying straight up into midair.

The crash was so violent that Xander obtained several serious injuries all over his body. His ribcage was seriously damaged, wherein 10 of his ribs were broken, and both of his lungs collapsed. He had fractured vertebrae from T6 to T8.

His father, Robert Mozejewski, vividly recalled seeing his son lying in the ICU bed with lots of tubes, wires, lines and machines connected to him. He feared that he might not wake up anymore.

Xander underwent several surgeries, including an operation on his ribs and on his collapsed lungs. Another delicate surgical procedure was also performed which involved placing a titanium rod on his vertebrae, from T3 to T11.

He stayed in the ICU for more than a month. It took doctors that long to stabilize him. His condition was critical because of the injuries he obtained on his vital organs.

When Xander regained consciousness, his entire family was delighted. But doctors announced that the young man was paralyzed from the waist down.

Cheryl Bianchi, Xander’s mom and former model, was devastated upon hearing the news. She could not believe her ears that her son could no longer walk at a very young age.

Facing the reality and coping with it were hard, especially for Xander. But his parents never gave up, they never lost hope. They invested much of their time to seek help, to look for support, to search for anything for their son’s full recovery – that is to walk again, hopefully. And Xander was open and very cooperative about everything his parents wanted him to do.

But then Xander began to accept the reality. In fact, his acceptance was uniquely remarkable in that he began to live his every waking moment not reminding himself that he is on a wheelchair.

Today, at the age of 23, Xander is known not for being a man who is paralyzed but an individual who is ridiculously awesome in every way. He has become more outgoing, alive, enthusiastic and free spirited than ever before.

He does everything he wants in a unique way – taking photographs of his friends, going on wild adventures, helping others to make their portfolios and even posing nude for a photo while on his wheelchair in the freeway. He wants to do all the crazy and cool stuff he can think of every day of his life because he does not want to regret or miss out on anything.

Xander’s way of living his life has inspired many people. His perspective on life shows that even in the midst of physical challenges, there is still a way to enjoy everything life has to offer.

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