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10 Steps to Starting a Business for Women with Disabilities
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10 Steps to Starting a Business for Women with Disabilities

Women with disabilities experience obstacles on a daily bases. Although it is the 21st century, we still need to make a lot of effort to improve tolerance and to learn to respect everyone equally.

In the world of business, these women face inequality in various fields. According to the UN reports salaries are below average and employment rates are on a severely low level. The question is: How to jump over these hurdles and find your spot under the sun? Entrepreneurship may be a key to success. Therefore we will go through different opportunities for starting a business for women with disabilities.

1. Consider Different Options

Having a disability doesn’t mean you should discard most of the ideas. Certain ideas may be more difficult to pursue, but if you have a huge desire nothing can stop you.  You can pursue a business career in any sector you want. Women with disabilities already run small businesses in a range of branches so why shouldn’t you too?

2. Learn When to Accept Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for a hand. Running a business is very complex and entrepreneurs need help from others sometimes, regardless of their condition. If you are a woman thinking of starting a business connect with other female business owners and learn from their experiences. They can help you significantly, especially at the very beginning.

3. Partner up with Your Peers

One of the first mistakes you can make is to work completely independently. Partnering up with a person who has skills and knowledge you don’t can create a synergy effect that could develop your business faster than you think. Having someone to show you another perspective is essential in every branch you operate in.

4. Disability as an Advantage

Living with a disability means you see the world from another perspective. Other people simply can’t experience the world you live in every day. Many female entrepreneurs have used their disability as an advantage and started successful companies. Think about the struggles you face every day and what you do to overcome them. Transform your solution into a product or a service and offer it to people who face similar obstacles.

5. Search for Funding Programs

The capital for starting a business is often the greatest obstacle. Luckily, governments usually recognize this issue and offer special grants to people with disabilities. Browse the Web and look for the grants your government offers. In addition, apply at numerous funding platforms for creative projects. Crowdfunding has become popular in the past years and may help you to gather money for the beginning phases.

6. Discover New Technology

Even though a home-based business is ideal for most of the women with disabilities, thanks to recent technological advances new opportunities have emerged. New technology eases mobility issues and opens a wider range of business for you to pursue.

7. Apply for Training Programs

In many countries government and different organizations support organizing training for ambitious entrepreneurs. Search for such programs in your area and discover if there are special training for people with disabilities. Such organizations can offer helpful information for starting a business, mentoring and counseling.

8. Learn More about Online Marketing

Online marketing training should be mandatory for all aspiring entrepreneurs. It is an inseparable part of our lives since the launching of Google and the development of social networks. Online marketing tools are by far the most efficient way of promoting products and services. However, this is not the only advantage. Obviously, online marketing can be done at home and you don’t need to go anywhere. Spare no effort to learn how to use AdWords and promote your company on social networks.

9. Franchise Opportunities

Starting a business can seem too complex thus you may run away from the idea even before you come to grips with the task. Franchises avoid most of the problems people who start a business from scratch face. They usually offer branding, marketing, training, and thorough support to women with disabilities. As a matter of fact, there are even franchises completely run by people with disabilities, such as Tim Horton’s franchise.

10. Modify the Workplace According to Your Needs

A great thing about being an entrepreneur is that you don’t need to rely on anyone to make the workplace accessible. All adjustments you can install by yourself. Design the workplace to meet your needs and increase work efficiency.

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