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11 Million YouTube Hits: A Step Towards Change
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11 Million YouTube Hits: A Step Towards Change

People across the world have always found it difficult to accept anyone born with any form of disability. Unfortunately, even the most educated among us suffer from this very inability to think beyond the obvious, about the needs of the differently abled. 

However, this very mindset is what a young mother hoped to change in order to ensure that her son, along with many others like him, received the acceptance of they deserved. And with over 11 Million YouTube hits, Lacy Buchanan made a good start to this endeavor. Lacy was pregnant with her first born, Christian Buchanan, when after a diagnosis she was told that her baby would have severe deformities. This news, although saddening for any would-be parent, didn't deter Lacy and her husband Chris, living in the U.S. state of Tennessee, from going ahead with the pregnancy.

They were prepared to support their yet unborn child to be part of this world and didn't want to give up on the new life. However, they were not prepared for what the rest of world had in store for them. People, who came in contact with the family could not accept Christian with his deformities and often passed unsavory comments including unwarranted advice to the parents.

One can imagine the plight of a mother if people start telling her that she should have opted for abortion. Not ready to be bogged down, Lacy and Chris tried everything from being rude to explaining things to the doubting Thomases around them. However, nothing seemed to stop people from talking trash about Christian.

That is when Lacy hit upon the brilliant idea to journal her baby’s life in a video shot on her mobile phone and then uploaded it on the web for everyone to see. In the video, Lacy talked about Christian, his disability and how her son deserved to be the part of this world, just like everyone else on this planet.

And, her effort received a grand applause from millions around her her, leaving  vindicated. The overwhelming response that she received for her video and the immense support that came her way finally, strengthened her resolve to take her cause further.

Lacy and Chris were soon invited by local and national networks along with Christian to talk about  disability, which lead to more people being informed and educated about conditions affecting the general population of this planet. They inspired and encouraged people to rise above their boxed out thoughts and to come out in support of the differently abled people who lived among them, including her son Christian.

Lacy’s fight is not over and nor is Christian’s, however, the start has been amazing and they would continue to lead a respectful life in this society. Lacy and Chris, hopefully, will continue their good work in this field, so that more and more people are able to open up to each other, irrespective of their physical condition.


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