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15 Accessible Sports for Seniors
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15 Accessible Sports for Seniors

Reflecting from past years, how did you feel when you stayed inside throughout the holiday season? The only resolution is to keep busy as much as possible. And that may mean setting up a regular routine of physical activities such as 15-minutes of stretches daily. 

This means, at least, twice a day, such as before and after bedtime. In this case, here is the top 15 sports seniors should consider doing this fall/winter season.


Bowling balls come in all weights; in fact, there are some lighter bowling balls even a 6-year-old child can hold and roll down a bowling alley. So, if a young child can do it, so can an elder. Senior citizens will also have a fun time playing this nostalgic sport. Likewise, the whole family would enjoy it too or an entire group of senior friends.

It’s great for mental stimulation as well as physical stamina and endurance for any senior.


One of the benefits of the sport for senior citizens is that it’s a great stress release. Although, most mental stimulated sports are ideal for releasing stress. At any rate, shuffleboard is one of the oldest and most popular fun activity since the 15th century and is continuing to evolve. It is a rewarding sport for the elderly to enjoy indoors or outdoors. In fact, when players play, they’re basically “knocking their opponent’s weight” from the board.

Ping Pong

A physical sport that has many players who love it battling it out even as beginners. The main reason is that players must follow the ball with their eyes and hit it with a paddle. It’s a physical sport and you don’t have to be a pro at it, yet it’s great for seniors to train for eye coordination, balance, stamina, and endurance.


One of the best sports for muscle endurance is swimming. Swimming is not only a great sport for the muscles, but for cardiovascular workouts, mental stability, and cognitive skills, and naturally for the buoyancy of the water and how it affects the body’s muscles.


This is one of the most peaceful sports of all for any senior. In fact, there are other mental sports which have the ability to keep one’s mind off of the demands of living a senior lifestyle. It helps to soothe and ease the pain as well such as arthritis. It also will manage sleep deprivation which plagues many seniors annually.


Golfing is one of the best sports an individual can play because it’s an outdoor sport and it takes patience, coordination, and major endurance. Swing a small ball in a hole to varying distances will help with goal setting as well as mental coordination and physical balance. All in all, seniors need outdoorsy sports at times, especially in the fall/winter season. Whether driving in the golf cart or walking to the next tee, it’s a great way to spend outdoors.


Gaining interest in the senior community is this fun sport that only needs a racquet and a “small ball with wings,” or ‘shuttlecock’. It’s also one of the best reasons why badminton is a wonderful go-to activity for the elderly. It’s enjoyable and easy to play. It’s also very lightweight when it comes to the equipment used. Badminton considered a casual outdoor sports activity; it can be played indoors or outdoors. Normally it is played in a backyard, nearby pools or beachside. Badminton is similar to tennis playing or tennis

Bike Riding

You can never go wrong with bike riding because it’s a definite nostalgic sport! It will, indeed, bring back some childhood memories for any senior citizen. Bike riding is great for cardio, muscles, knees, arthritis, and much more. The best thing about bike riding is that it can be physically done with a stationary bike or outdoors on a real bike, such as a beach cruiser or mountain bike.


Tennis is great for seniors because the sport requires jogging back and forth from one end of the court to the opposite end of the same side of the court. It’s also a great way to spend a morning or afternoon, indoors or outdoors. It helps with mental coordination, balance, and muscle physique; including joint pains.


This is the most common activity that seniors will do. Whether it's alone or with their significant other, it helps when seniors have a walking stick, pole, or cane, only because if a hike is a reason for the walk, it’s great for any workout to have some sort of safety net and that is a walking stick or cane. Naturally, walking has seniors walking miles nowadays. Great for all physical attributes of a senior’s body.


Playing pool is a sport which can be played year-round. Whether playing at the senior center, at home, or at a pool hall, playing billiards is an enjoyable game because of the strategic mental game it has on the players. Mental alertness is one of the common reasons why it’s a great sport for seniors too. Keeping players alert at all times is the fun part of the game. Bending and reaching across the table is another part of the sport that makes it ideal for a great exercise.


The game is similar to ping pong or tennis; playing with others or as singles, it’s a slower-paced game and it offers many rewards besides the nostalgic feeling one gets when playing.


Boating is a sport because it does require canoeing or simple fitness while prepping for the ride on the water. Not only is it more than enough fun for a group, for those who are in their retirement years, but it also helps to be outdoors, again, and enjoy the natural air in the fall/winter seasons.


Senior citizens love fishing if this is what they did in their “hey-day.” Indeed, catching fish is the best activity a senior will have, but it helps to wade out or simply go deep-sea fishing with others as a group. It’s a fun activity and brings so much enjoyment to anyone in their golden years, it’s hard to believe that not everyone is not into fishing.


This is a definite sport and if anyone disagrees, they do not know any better. According to Margaret Sellars, stretching is a fantastic exercise for seniors! Moving around, especially when you are in your retirement years, while moving your muscles, will help any senior stay fit. It helps with muscle movements, cardio, balance, and simply relaxes the joint pain where needed.

In conclusion, with more access to activities outside of any senior’s comfort zone, accessible sports with all the fun in mind can never be avoided. Whether the sport is indoors or outdoors, it’s also something to look forward to for any elder.

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