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17-Year-Old Student from Dehli Starts Safe Space Club to Encourage Discussion about Disability and Gender
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17-Year-Old Student from Dehli Starts Safe Space Club to Encourage Discussion about Disability and Gender

Delhi-based Vedika Sharma wanted to begin deep conversations about gender and disability, in an attempt to trigger this topic she has come with a Safe Space Club.

The Safe Space Club takes the concerns of the youth-related to disability and gender. Sharma held the clubs in her locality which are also accessible towards people with disabilities.

17 years old, Vedika Sharma who is studying in The Shri Ram School which is senior school on Moulsari Avenue. She wants to stop these stereotypes the society has about gender and disability.

According to Vedika, as she was studying in an inclusive school she came to know that many other children with disabilities are going through bullying.

"When you witness so many instances of discrimination based on gender, caste, and disability, you realize there's a need to create a safe space where people can talk about their experiences freely," Vedika added.

So far the Safe Space Club has done five sessions, mostly the sessions were in Vedika's neighborhood in an accessible area. The session was attended by many students and one of them was from her school who is suffering from Asperger's syndrome.s

According to an unknown student, the session was mainly based on differences. The conversation was done on a piece of paper in which they wrote their stories of differences.

A full brief story was not needed are just had to write a summary related to the topic and what was they opinions on it. Later on, he had discussed his story to others who attended the session.

"Initially it was hard and I was a bit hesitant", said the unnamed student. "But the session helped. I explained to them what Asperger's syndrome was all about and it felt good because as a NIOS student in school I am in a separate group and don't get to interact with a larger bunch of students".

The budding author Vedika Sharma, wants to make a big change in the world towards disabilities.

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  1. RichardMajors
    There are many kind-hearted people in the world. Many people are working and laying stress on this topic to help disable and unfit people but now I’ve read soem academic topics at and think it would be good for me. One of the kind-hearted girls is here which is doing their best to help disabled people by raising their voice against it.
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  2. Suzy Stop
    It is great that such young students are coming up with ideas that aim to end stereotypes about disability. I wanted to add that now there are more and more opportunities for people with disabilities to find work. For example, I found out that the service which is popular among students, employs people with disabilities. I ordered a personal statement there and I want to say that the work was done perfectly. This once again destroys the stereotypes of society about people with disabilities.
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  3. Suzy Stop
    I absolutely agree with you
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