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3 Cruise-Lines With Great Handicap Accessibilities
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3 Cruise-Lines With Great Handicap Accessibilities

Everyone loves taking vacations on a cruise ship, but when it comes to handicap accessibility, not all cruise ships are safe. Most people with physical disabilities need to be around handicap accessibilities to function throughout the day. We are limited when it comes to everyday life activities so, why limit our vacation spots as well? We should be able to enjoy a cruise vacation as well. The good news is we can! There are cruise lines who thought about everyone and made there cruise ships safe for handicap passengers. The cruise ships offer just as much fun as other cruise ships and allow handicap people to enjoy the fun in a safe environment.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is a top pick when it comes to cruise lines. Royal Caribbean offers everything you are looking for in a cruise from the dining and luxury suites. Not only is it a hit with families who want to take a vacation, but it is a hit with handicap people too. They have accessible cabins with features like low door sills, ramps, and grab bars. The bathrooms in their rooms have handheld shower heads, and the public bathrooms have automatic doors. All public areas have handicap accessibility features. The dining areas have wheelchair seating options. A cruise ship like this is a dream come true for a disabled person.

Carnival Cruises

Carnival is another cruise that is known for the best cruises to Hawaii. Carnival cruise ships are everything but your usual cruise ship. A cruise ship perfect for a family vacation with a waterpark, sea coaster, and pool on the deck. Your and your family won't have one lazy day on this cruise. Along with all of these features, their cruise ships are handicap friendly. Carnival cruise ships offer handicap accessible decks, and most areas are safe for wheelchairs. All cruise ships have wheelchair-accessible rooms and wheelchair rentals. A perfect cruise ship for a handicap people, people who are taking a family vacation, or people on a romantic vacation.

Holland American Cruises

Holland American is another favorite choice for cruises. Holland American has 12 ships in its fleet, all of which are luxury living at sea. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway at sea, this is it. Their cruise ships also have wheelchair-accessible rooms with wheelchair ramps. They also have people to help disabled people who need assistance getting on the ferry to the main deck. Holland American is a great cruise choice for anyone.


When booking, all of the information you need is there for you. You need to know if these kinds of features are offered. Don't just book a cruise because you heard things from other people, do your research. Everything you need to know is available when booking. You get to read and see pictures of all the cruise has to offer before you board. If you are concerned about something you can read all about it on their website and, call if necessary. If you don't see any handicap accessibilities on their website, it's most likely not available.


All cruises should have handicap accessibility, but they don't. The ones that do are thinking of every kind of person who might want to take a cruise. The cruises that are handicap-accessible make it safe and enjoyable for people with physical disabilities. Instead of making it hard for us to go on vacation, they make it easier. You won’t have to worry about being left behind by friends or family because of different accessibility options.  After reading, this your decision should be easy. You know the best handicap accessible cruise lines to choose from. Book your next cruise vacation today with no worries.

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