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3 Most Popular Wheelchair-Friendly Cities in the World
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3 Most Popular Wheelchair-Friendly Cities in the World

It is certainly no secret that even though accessibility is the law in many countries across the world, the actual implementation of it can be more than a little bit inconsistent. With that in mind, deciding where to travel can be difficult. In the hopes of shedding a little bit of light on the subject, we’re detailing some of the most popular and accessible cities in the world.

1. London

The city of London is well known for being the home of black cabs. The city has around 21,000 black cabs, often spotted in London based movies and television shows. The great thing about them is the fact that they are wheelchair accessible, and so make getting from A to B within London easy. However, in terms of transport, black cabs aren’t your only option. Most of London’s transport system is wheelchair accessible, including the buses, and so it is easy to see why it is one of the most popular wheelchair-friendly cities in the world.

London also boasts a number of popular accessible tourist attractions, including the world famous London Eye. There is a booth specifically designed for wheelchair users, giving the necessary space and comfort to view London’s stunning skyline. As well, the staff there are always incredibly welcoming, friendly and helpful to those who might require assistance.

2. Melbourne

Melbourne is considered as one of the most accessible cities in the world to travel in. It is actually currently in the process of making all of its public transport accessible, including all trams, taxis, buses and trains. As well as this, all wheelchair users are permitted to also apply for a free travel pass, which are offered to anyone with accessibility difficulties.

There are also plenty of attractions and activities that are fully accessible within Melbourne, such as getting to take in all of the views of the city by hot air balloon. You can also enjoy incredible accessible surfing in Melbourne thanks to a number of non-profit organisations.

3. Berlin

Berlin is an extremely popular city that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each and every year. Due to its popularity, a great deal of investment has been put into accessibility so that more people have the ability to enjoy the city to its fullest. The public transport system’s accessibility is second to none, and makes it so easy to get from A to B.

Berlin is known all around the world for being drenched in history, which means there’s plenty to see and do. Most of the city’s main attractions are designed to allow easy access for wheelchair users, and even have free entry, such as the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate. Many of Berlin’s main attractions are also within walking distance of one another.

Being in a wheelchair shouldn't and thankfully doesn't stop you from being able to see the world although some countries have a lot more to do to catch up. There are lots of great travel hacks you can do yourself such as using a luggage delivery company to send your baggage ahead to your destination making your journey a whole lot easier.

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    Rolling Without Limits Support
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  2. Chasity Klein
    I have spent a good time in all these cities and personally noticed that wheelchairs are very common there. Melbourne is the best city in the world for me because this city provides everything that a person needs such as big streets, sandy beaches, grassy parks and big highways and markets and most importantly tall buildings as well. I am planning a short visit to Melbourne next year and visited essay writer website to check the reviews so that I can hire a trusted writing for my educational stuff.
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