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4 Summer Tips for Wheelchair Users in India
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4 Summer Tips for Wheelchair Users in India

In India, the summer heat is usually unbearable. It gets harder for people using wheelchairs. Here are a few tips to beat the summer heat.

The scorching sun stops a lot of us from stepping outside the comfort of our homes during summer, which is at its peak across the country. Summer can prove to be dreadful for people who use wheelchairs for more than one reason.

It is imperative for people with limited mobility who are unable to move out of their wheelchairs to take care of their health and stay hydrated during this season. It is equally important for them to protect their wheelchairs as well.

For the sake of an instance, they should ensure the battery is fully charged. They should also avoid extreme heat outdoor and keep their wheelchair clean and tidy all the time. It is also a good idea to get a wheelchair canopy.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala based wheelchair user P.V. Sindhu says it is important for wheelchair users to take care of their health during summers. A member of several NGOs and support groups, Sindhu has encountered wheelchair users who face terrible health related issues during summer.

"Try and reduce traveling during this time. It is necessary to drink lots of water to stay away from urinary infections and other health hazards," she told NewzHook.

Here are few summer tips for those using wheelchairs

1. Staying hydrated:

Drink a lot of water to avoid heat strokes. If you are outside, carry your own water bottle as outside sources are highly unreliable. Experts say we must drink at least eight glasses of water every day, and double the water intake during summer. Alternatively, you can drink fresh juices too.

2. Avoid the sun:

Staying out in summer can lead to heat strokes, dehydration, and other serious issues. If getting out in the sun is necessary, ensure you are wearing sunscreen to protect your skin. You can carry an umbrella or wear gloves as well. Too much heat can damage your wheelchair since they are usually made using plastic material.

3. Wear the right outfit:

Opt for cotton clothes whenever you can as they are more suitable during summer than donning heavy clothes and jewelry. Cotton clothes are inexpensive, easy-to-wear, and can be washed and dried without breaking a sweat.

4. Keep your wheelchair clean:

Check your wheelchair for dirt and dust since it is likely that you might forget to clean your wheelchair. During summer, clean your wheelchair every alternate day using a damp cloth. Keep the wheels and its surrounding area clean too.

Image credit: reidy68 / Pixabay

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