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4 Wheelchair Accessible Destinations in the U.S.
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4 Wheelchair Accessible Destinations in the U.S.

Traveling with a wheelchair can be difficult. My grandmother had a little yellow, battery-operated buggy and it wasn't always easy for her to travel with it—mostly because the thing was huge, but also because of access. Sometimes she'd have to debate and make a choice of whether or not she could bring it because some places we went weren't accessible for her with her buggy.

Here are four cities and destinations that are wheelchair accessible so you can have a hassle-free vacation. All places mentioned are accessible and sites for all of the destinations are linked.

1) Washington, DC

First up is Washington, DC. DC. is known for... A LOT. But mostly it's known for buildings like the White House, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Lincoln Memorial. DC is also known for the location of one very popular movie series, Night at the Museum. Yes, that's right! The Smithsonian Institution can be found in DC along with the National Air and Space Museum and the National Art Gallery

2) Chicago, IL

Up to the plate is the City of Chicago. Have you heard of the Cubs? Yes? Well, I hope so because after winning the World Series in 2016—for the first time in, like, 100 years—they are all the nation has talked about in the baseball world. And my family because they all happen to be Cub's fans. We went to Chicago a lot when I was a kid specifically for Cubs games. It's a hard life being the only Braves fan, guys. But that's not all Chicago has to offer. has named the Skydeck (Sears Tower), The Bean, the Art Institute, the Field Museum of Natural History, and 360 Chicago as a few of the best and most popular wheelchair accessible sights to see. Are these places a swing and a miss or a home run? You decide. 

3) Portland, OR

Next is Portland, OR. I have never thought of traveling to Portland, but after putting together this list, I want to! That's mostly because Portland is home to the beautiful Lan Su Chinese Garden. But that's not all Portland has to offer. It is at the top of the list after all. Mount Tabor, the Oregon Museum of Science and History, and Powell's Books are just a few of the fun, "chill" spots in Portland. Yes, I did say chill spots. I just want to be hip with the kids.

4) Denver, CO

Last on our list is the City of Denver in Colorado. If you like animals and enjoy the outdoors, you're going to love this list! Denver is home to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Wilderness on Wheels, which provides access for people of all abilities! (I will be doing a whole post about the Wilderness on Wheels so make sure you hit that upvote if you want to see that and stay tuned!) Denver also offers the Children's Museum of Denver where children can learn with fun, hands-on and interactive activities. 

Whoa! I can't wait to travel to these places. I hope to see you there!!

Image credit: Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

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