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5 Friendly Wheelchair Accessible Cities Around the World
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5 Friendly Wheelchair Accessible Cities Around the World

Travel is like opening a door into the world's classroom. It shows how different and entirely similar some things can be to one's own backyard. The planet has many wonders; thrill-seekers and the curious alike find plenty of reasons to get out and explore. Sometimes, travel can be difficult depending on a person’s circumstances. Travel can be especially challenging for people in wheelchairs or with other handicap needs.

Life has many challenges for people with disabilities. Extra planning and severe precautions may help with the roads, walkways, and paths that aren't always wheelchair accessible. Some destinations around the world are more wheelchair accessible than others. It is always the hope for a traveler to enjoy a destination – these five spots should fit one's fancy. Grab your passport and consider these destinations today.

1. Sydney, Australia

The land down under has plenty of enchantment to get a traveler of any age bracket a reason to smile; a person can think of the famed outback and the animal kingdom represented there. The fun doesn't end in the outback with Australia boasting a diverse terrain. Sydney is an excellent place and happens to be active in making the city accessible to all.

One can do a lot in Sydney, the city itself has shown it can be a marvelous host of people from around the world—the 2000 Olympics come to mind. From sport through the culinary arts, theater, and breathtaking natural beauty, Sydney seems to have it all. The world-famous Sydney Opera House has ramps and access for wheelchairs. The equally famous beaches like Coogee Beach has walkways that allow people in wheelchairs to have access. Sydney is full of charm and options for people in wheelchairs.

2. Barcelona, Spain

This city in the sun will uplift one's day. Better yet, it is another city with wheelchair accessibility. Whether it to a luxury transatlantic cruise that gets a person to Europe or a jet plane, don't skip this city in Spain. Memories on the Mediterranean will last a lifetime after a visit here.

Will it be the in-process work of marvel in the Sagrada Familia, a football match or a romantic lunch overlooking the water? Barcelona is a friendly place in terms of wheelchair accessibility. From designed walkways to completely accessible buses, Barcelona is hopping with accessibility.

3. London, England

A fantastic place to visit is London, England. A city buzzing with history is also known for a bit of modern magic in terms of accessibility. A tourist can see all of the city from a breathtaking view from The London Eye. The attraction is not only wheelchair accessible but also a lovely place to catch the skyline in its full bloom.

London has taxi cabs specifically designed for travelers in a wheelchair. It's about getting around while vacationing and these vehicles are a great way to do that. See Buckingham Palace and world-class museums while vacationing here.

4. Washington, D.C.

The capital of the United States of America has plenty of wheelchair accessible options for people looking to travel here: The National Mall, Smithsonian Museum and other historical landmarks make D.C. a place to be. The public transportation is good here and much thought has gone into making this place increasingly wheelchair accessible.

5. Vienna, Austria

Visiting this city in the warmer months is like turning a page from the history books. Vienna is a city with a ton of history and a public transportation system designed to offer accessibility. One can see art museums and palaces before heading off to grab a bite to eat at one of the renowned restaurants. Roll through the city and take it in. Accessibility matters and Vienna is a place that is getting more and more accessible.             

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