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5 Helpful Bathroom Safety Aids from Invacare
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5 Helpful Bathroom Safety Aids from Invacare

Bathing is a basic necessity in maintaining good hygiene, health, and confidence. Protecting one's self from bacteria, viruses, and other infectious agents is crucial to cultivating a healthy physical and emotional state.

But ironically, the bathroom can be a potentially treacherous place for people with disabilities or the elderly. Our loved ones who have mobility difficulties are prone to unexpected perils in the form of slipping on wet surfaces or slamming into bathroom furnishings by accident, which why safe bathrooms should be a priority for families and caregivers. 

If you are on the hunt for a great brand that carries quality, ergonomic, and inexpensive bathroom safety aids, there is always Invacare.

Invacare Homecare is an international manufacturer and distributor of avant-garde medical supplies that specializes in recovery and promoting active lifestyles for people with limited mobility functions. In the present time, home health care is slowly becoming a preferred option as it allows patients to be closer to their loved ones and helps them abstain from environmental adjustments. Invacare offers affordable durable medical equipment as the number of patients increases in number not just in-home care, but in hospitals and nursing homes too. This is why Invacare strives to introduce a new generation of home-based healthcare equipment, support systems, and technologies that are both durable and cost-effective.

As time progresses, home care has increased its advantages and is easily embraced by most patients nowadays. But home care can be hazardous, especially if bathrooms have not been renovated to suit the patient's level of mobility. With Invacare's wide range of bathroom support medical products, you are sure to achieve both convenience and safety for your loved ones.

Here are 5 of Invacare's helpful bathroom support gears to help caregivers and patients alike:

1. Transfer Bench:

Having a transfer bench in the household is a convenient way of transferring a patient in and out of the tub as securely as possible. Bath transfer benches usually have cushioned seats so patients can sit comfortably as they shower and arm rails for added upper body support. Invacare's transfer benches feature suction cups at the tips of the seat's legs that eliminates the fear of slipping when getting in and out of the bathtub.

Try: Invacare Padded Tub Transfer Bench with Suction Feet

Invacare's Padded Transfer Bench is padded for sitting position comfort and features suction feet which makes it slip-resistant to maintain stability while bathing the patient. The seat is lightweight and rust-proof. You do not need tools to assemble this bathroom equipment.

2. Toilet Seat Frame: 

Toilet Seat Frames provide a secure grip and feature armrests for support while using the toilet. Most toilet seat frames can be folded back for cleaning and can easily be attached and detached for transfers. This is ideal for patients who have difficulty bending down and standing up when using the toilet.

Try: Invacare Toilet Seat Frame

The Invacare ProBasics Toilet Safety Frame is a supportive frame that features cozy armrests for secure arm and hand support. The frame is made of non-corrosive aluminum material which makes it lightweight, rust-proof, and easy to carry around.

3. Shower Chair: 

For a pleasant and comfortable bathing experience, a shower chair is essential for people with restricted mobility. Bathing discomfort can be stressful and dangerous. To reduce the risk of slippage while maintaining comfort, it is important to choose the right shower chair.

Try: Invacare I-Fit Shower Chair with Back

Invacare's I-Fit Shower Chair has a nicely contoured seat and comfortable backrest. Like other Invacare products, this shower chair is slip-resistant and provides height twist adjustments that promote a more convenient sitting height. No additional tools are needed to assemble this chair.

4. Raised Toilet Seat:

Raised toilet seats add elevation to regular toilets to assist people with bending or sitting dilemmas. The accessory also promotes easy transfer of patients from wheelchairs to the toilet. Usually, these seats are made with durable, lightweight materials. Some are padded and cushioned, and some are made with sturdy plastic. You may choose the seat elevation height to suit the patient's height.

Try: Invacare Raised Toilet Seat

Invacare's Raised Toilet Seat adds 5" of height and fits most standard toilets. The seat has an extra large hole and has a nice backside fit. This elevated toilet seat features a locking system that keeps it in place when attached to the toilet. This seat can be assembled without tools.

5. Commodes:

A commode is a widely used furniture in homecare. These portable toilets are designed to be placed usually at the bedside of a disabled individual or elderly. If patients need to use the toilet, they need not trouble themselves going to the bathroom. Commodes offer this type of convenience.

Try: Invacare All-in-One Aluminum Commode

Invacare's versatile commode consists of a toilet seat frame, raised snap-on toilet seat with a lid, a splash shield, removable backrest, slip-resistant rubber tips, and comfortable armrests. The gray powder-coated and steel-made commode is portable and can be situated anywhere the home.

In summary...

If one must decide to opt for home care because institutional care can be quite expensive and requires patients to be away from home, Invacare's functional bathroom support products add safety and convenience to hygiene care for both the patient and the caregiver. The products are affordable, secure, and is a long-term solution in promoting relief and independence. is one of the most notable medical equipment sellers that carries Invacare products at inexpensive rates. Buy Medical is a fast-growing medical supply company that is committed to promoting quality healthcare products at a low cost. Give the Buy Medical website a visit and let us assist you with the right bathroom support product that fits your budget and needs.

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    Rolling Without Limits Support
    Thanks for sharing! These sound like awesome products.
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