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5 Tips For Booking Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Rooms
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5 Tips For Booking Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Rooms

If you're an avid traveler with reduced mobility, staying away from home can prove to be quite a backbreaking task, especially when it comes to finding and booking a wheelchair-friendly space. Thankfully, the internet is rife with a slew of great tips about finding accessible hotel rooms.

Let's take a look at these top five tips on how to book accessible hotel rooms.

1. Cut down the number of choices

Cities are usually crammed with hotels that are equipped with accessible rooms. But, it is imperative for you to bear in mind that the popular chains and newfangled hotels are comparatively more likely to adopt present-day technology and update their features on a regular basis.

2. Search for your specific accessibility needs 

It is not necessary that you will find everything you need in a room just because it is ADA compliant. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that you ascertain your needs.

For instance, if you need a roll-in shower or room for a lift under your bed, ensure you've checked this beforehand. You can figure this out by looking for pictures on the internet or simply by requesting the hotel to share a few pictures if you aren't sure.

3. Get in touch with the hotel to see their wheelchair accessibility options

It is highly advisable to contact the hotel directly in order to check up on everything you need. Make sure you ask specific questions, like if the hotel is wheelchair friendly and equipped with an accessible gym or pool. This also subdues the possibility of the hotel giving your reserved room to another guest.

4. Check out online reviews for your needs

The best person to tell you if the room is ideal for a specially-abled individual is someone who has stayed there. There's no dearth of sites where people post their reviews, pictures as well as suggestions. These shreds of information will come in handy when deciding which hotel is best suitable for your needs.

5. Leave a review to help others with accessibility needs

Leave a review of your experience staying in the hotel room in the form of pictures. Also, describe the features of the room that did not meet your needs. Your feedback can prove to be useful to someone who is searching for a room in the same locality.

Being attentive to what you need makes the arduous task of finding an ideal hotel room relatively easier. By following the above-mentioned steps, you'll be able to focus more on your time away rather than worry about navigating through your hotel room.

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  1. Vinay Patel
    Vinay Patel
    These are pretty useful tips. Thanks for sharing them with us, Sana.
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  2. JayneYundt
    Booking a wheelchair you must look if it is detached or something. People are in hope of great papers and sometimes get excited. In this excitement, things can break or be loose. This is very dangerous for the one sitting in it. To visit the site click here:
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