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5 Tips For People With Disabilities To Keep Active During Self-isolation
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5 Tips For People With Disabilities To Keep Active During Self-isolation

People with disabilities need to keep their mind and body busy during self-isolation to avoid depression and other ailments that may occur due to long sitting hours by engaging in therapeutic exercise. Therapeutic exercise can be performed from the comfort of one's bedroom.

For people with disabilities who just want to get busy to avoid boredom, social media engagement and movies can be helpful.

Here is a list of 5 thing people with disabilities can do to remain active during self-isolation:

  • People with disabilities can stay socially active by getting busy with a pen pal with friends and family, I mean virtually anyone they would normally see on a regular basis before the lockdown. People with disabilities can also contact their friends and family on FaceTime and phone call, they can stay connected online to whoever they want.
  • People with disabilities need to exercise their mind with games like play board, word games, trivia, or online chess. They can also read and listen to e-books.
  • People with disabilities need to stay physically active. They can start their day with adaptive Yoga, people with disabilities can subscribe to YouTube videos of adaptive indoor workouts.
  • People with disabilities can include activities that brings happiness or peace, they can subscribe to channels showing sports or comedies, sports and jokes are good for mental and emotional health. People with disability can participate in rocking in a rocking chair, or spend time with their pets, as well as sensory-based activities that can keep them happy. They can also add a unique twist to someone live by posting their funny isolation videos on social media.

There are YouTube channels that features activities that are adaptable for people with disabilities. People with disabilities can lookup Upstate Caring Partners, Inc on YouTube, it has several videos and playlists for people with disabilities.

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    5 tips for people with disabilities to keep active during self-isolation. Self- isolation is better to skip disabilities with all of the way which you can choose and can implement them for you. How it you choose such tips for you ever.
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