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5 Wrong Perceptions to Get Rid of Regarding Wheelchair Users
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5 Wrong Perceptions to Get Rid of Regarding Wheelchair Users

There are various types of wheelchair users, for instance, someone who needs to use a wheelchair or someone who has met an accident or maybe an illness that leads to the wheelchair. Although, people have misconceptions regarding wheelchair users that need to be addressed.


Many people think that wheelchair users can't live an independent life which is not true. The fact that wheelchair users might need little help with household work that is meaningless such as washing, cooking, and cleaning. The wheelchair users can develop skills of being a writer online (blogger), designing graphics, editing videos and many more that make them independent and live on their own.

Dream Job

You might need longer to achieve the qualification you need to get the dream job but once you are firm on the decision of getting there, you will. Obviously, there are certain jobs that might be difficult but there are services that helps to find work that provides reasonable adjustments for people who are differently-abled that allows you to achieve your dream job.

Activities & Sports

There are various examples that have achieved in sports and they are no exception if you see their journey close. It might be difficult to swim or play tennis but if you want to do it then with dedication you can do it. For example, Saida Satoshi who has medals playing Tennis in a wheelchair in Paralympics.

Love Life

It is just about finding the right person in your life, this part might affect you a big-time initially but eventually, once you get rid of unrealistic expectations shown in movies then you will definitely find someone who will not only be in a long term relationship but also have a family together.

"Normal Life"

People might give you their perception of living a "normal life" but let's understand what is "normal"? Wheelchair users are capable of being a volunteer, socializing, playing at a concert, playing sports, and much more. If this is not a "Normal Life" then what is?


Remember, the only thing that is different in you is that you get there in the wheelchair rather than on legs. Nothing else is different in a wheelchair user and others.

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