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7 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Someone in a Wheelchair
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7 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Someone in a Wheelchair

Buying gifts can be a tedious task, especially if you’re not very close with the gift receiver. However, buying something for a person in a wheelchair can be even harder, especially if you’re able-bodied and never had to use the wheelchair. Oftentimes, the best gifts for people with disability are practical presents, so check out this list of useful gift ideas that will show them you truly care. 

1. Massage wrap

Many people who use their wheelchair manually often suffer from neck and shoulder pain. So, if you heard a wheelchair user in your life complain about these aches, why not offer some relief with a therapy neck and shoulder wrap. These are designed to fit comfortably on one or both shoulders and some can even cover the neck at the same time. The heat can help with pain relief and provide nice comfort wherever you are, especially in colder months. 

2. Wheel pouches

Every person with a disability that’s constantly on the go will love this practical gift. Wheel pouches for a wheelchair will provide them with enough storage space for all their personal necessities, college materials, work folders or some spare clothing. Each pouch comes with a secure inner compartment perfect for valuables. Most models are compatible with a regular wheelchair and are easy to attach and take off. 

3. SAD lamp

Unfortunately, depression is one of the biggest problems for people with disabilities. Paraplegics and quadriplegics report some of the highest rates of stress, depression, and anxiety, much higher than able people. While you can’t do anything to “cure” their depression, you can help their brain boost the production of serotonin with a SAD lamp. This lamp emits illumination that imitates the natural light which improves mood and wellbeing. They can keep it on their desk while they work and get showered by healthy, natural light that lifts spirits, improves focus, and boost energy levels. 

4. New tech 

New technology is mostly very small, practical and easy to use, which is why many people in wheelchair develop huge interest into new tech advancements. If you know your friend loves video games, why not consider grabbing a VR set to make their gaming experience even better? Or if your SO loves to make your house as cozy as possible, consider upgrading your old thermostat to modern and sleek Nest. There are so many neat gifts for tech lovers that will not only be fun to try out but also very useful to their everyday life. Browse the internet for something interesting and in your price range and you’ll definitely make someone very happy! 

5. Voice recognition program

Some wheelchair users have difficulties typing messages or just prefer to live fast and not waste time on texting, so you can make their life easier by grabbing a practical voice recognition program. This software will allow them to just say whatever they have to say, and the program will do all the “typing”. Make sure to pick the software that’s compatible with both computers and smartphones for the most versatile use. And best programs even learn your vocabulary which will result in very accurate and fast typing!  

6. Sleep help

Many paraplegics, quadriplegics and people who are temporarily forced to be in wheelchair report sleep trouble and insomnia. Bowel or bladder issues, fatigue, depression, chronic pain, pressure sores or just the lack of exercise are very common in wheelchair users and they make sleeping difficult. So you might want to surprise your friend in a wheelchair with something that will make their nights more comfortable. For instance, a white noise machine might help with removing background noise and providing soft and comfortable sound. A scented candle with lavender and soothing chamomile essential oils is also a great option. 

7. Cinema gift cards

If you want to ensure your significant one or relative in a wheelchair is getting out of the house yet staying safe, why not grab some cool cinema gift cards. The best thing is that you can even use this gift together and go see all the new blockbusters. You can make a little date out of your gift, depending on your relationship. Start the night with dinner and finish with a romantic movie! 

Hopefully, this text helped you pick out a perfect gift for your loved one with mobility issues. All of these will make their life a little easier and definitely more fun, so get ready to shop for some presents! 

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