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7 Ways People With Disabilities Can Earn Extra Income
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7 Ways People With Disabilities Can Earn Extra Income

People with disabilities often live on fixed incomes, and these fixed incomes can make life challenging at times. If you have a disability, you can still experience the world, use cash to fuel your passions, and enjoy a luxury experience every once in a while. If you need a little extra income to help facilitate something great, there are plenty of ways to bring in some extra cash.

1. By Decluttering

It’s time to look at all the things you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Some of those things need to be disposed of or recycled. The rest of the things can either be sold or donated. You can photograph things you’d like to sell (like antiques, clothes you never wore, or furniture) and list them for sale online. People come pick up your unwanted stuff, they give you money, and you solve two problems at once. You score a cleaner house and extra cash for very little work.

2. With Special Jobs

Some companies offer positions specifically for people with disabilities. They know that many people in the disability community actually want to be a part of the workforce, but can’t find suitable employment. There are job boards specifically for people with disabilities who want to get out of the house and enjoy the work experience. Look for a job that suits your needs.

3. By Renting Out Your Driveway

Sharing your home with a stranger is a big deal. Sharing your driveway is not. If you live near a big city or an airport, people will likely be willing to pay you a significant amount of money just to keep their cars safe while they’re not using them. You can rent out your driveway on a sharing community site. It’s as easy as can be.

4. Through Freelancing

Many people with disabilities are able to work desk jobs for limited periods of time, but might not be able to adhere to an employer’s schedule. That’s where freelancing comes in. If you know how to do some things, you can make money by yourself at home and set your own hours. There are tons of freelancing opportunities for copywriters, people who build websites, and even transcriptionists. You can work when you’re up to it and call it a day when you need some rest.

5. Downsizing

Downsizing may not help you obtain more money, but it can make the money you have go further. If you purchased your current property before you were disabled, it may be difficult for you to navigate now. Downsizing to something smaller and easier to maintain will cut down your monthly bills. If you can profit from selling your home, that’s even better. It’s a lump sum to offset costs or hold onto for a rainy day.

6. Make Money From Your Hobby

Can you make money from your hobby? It’s easy to create and maintain a simple online store through a handmade marketplace platform to sell your crafts or any goods you make yourself. If your hobby is singing or playing guitar, you can create and sell custom performances through sites like Fiverr. You might even be able to show off your hobby or skills (or teach your hobby to others) via YouTube, and have patrons sponsor the content you deliver.

7. Become a Blogger

There are two ways to approach blogging. You can blog about something you’re interested in, build up a following, and generate cash from sponsored posts and ad revenue. You can also create a blog based in affiliate marketing where you help people choose what products or services to buy and receive a commission. Either way, you can do it from home and you have complete freedom to set your own scheduling and pick what you’d like to post about.

Or, you can blog on this site! Signing up is easy. And if your post gets voted to the top post section, you get paid $20. You can sign up here.

The internet has made it easier than ever before for people with disabilities to make money safely. You can use one or more methods as a side hustle to help you pay the bills or take a weekend trip to the beach. All you have to do is set your goals and stick to them.

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