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9 Tips to Survive School Despite Disability
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9 Tips to Survive School Despite Disability

Being a student is not an easy job. Aside from waking up early to get to school on time, carrying several other items along with books, paying attention to the content, you must socialize as well.

This could prove to be quite a grueling task, especially for an individual with a disability.

The pressure of participating in daily activities while dealing with your pain levels can be very hard. In fact, even getting through the day becomes arduous, let alone focusing on the accessible content.

In her latest article, The Mighty's contributor Saba Rizvi listed a few things that can make this experience a bit easier.

Always carry your medication:

Carrying your pills around on a daily basis may seem like a Herculean task. There are some days when you do not need to take all of them, so why carry the additional pills? It is advisable to always carry the extra pills in your locker, car, or bag than to leave them at home since you never know when you might need it.

Always remember to take your medication:

Just carrying your medication is not enough; you have to use them too. If you can recognize any sort of a sudden outbreak, just take your medication. Preventative measure plays a vital role in getting through the day.

While people might probably judge you for taking meds, but remember this is about you and not about other people. It is advisable to take your meds before it gets too hard to combat the symptoms and the flare-ups as they can make you non-functional.

Always keep someone in the loop:

Let a friend or a teacher know about your disability that might interfere with your learning, or that requires you to leave the classroom all of a sudden.

Keep someone informed in case that you need any sort of help at any given point of time. The more you help yourself, the more they can help you, Rizvi added.

Talk to your teachers and administrative office about accessibility:

Schools have offices or rules of conduct for accessibility learning in place for students with disabilities. The service comprises recorded lectures, sharing notes and extended test times. Accommodations can also be arranged as necessary.

Ask your teacher if you can record the lesson:

Ask your teacher if you are allowed to record the lecture if you choose to do it on their own.

Doodle during the lecture: Doodling can help thinking process by interlacing thoughts. It can also effectively replace words for those who heavily rely on visual learning. Ousting specific words in favor of drawings can explain a theory in a better way. This can be more advantageous to learning than writing.

Do not skip lunch:

Whenever possible grab yourself a healthy snack between lectures. You need protein and sugar to keep your body and brain fed, and to get you through the busy day. Your body needs the nutrition and break, and if you skip lunch, you will only be more lethargic.

Take breaks:

It is important to take breaks during the day to re-energize. You can sit alone silently reading a book or even take a nap during a break. Breaks are ideal for socializing as well. Utilize your break doing whatever makes your day easier.

Never compare:

Every individual has his/her own learning pattern and tempo. Comparing yourself with others leads to impractical expectations of yourself and drains you of vital energy you can use for other activities.

Self-care is important. In fact, it is the most significant thing you can do for yourself and people around you. Concentrating on what you need and having a support system in place in school helps you to move up in your career and encourages you to deal with your disability. Before you even realize, this can become second nature and you'll learn how to handle similar situations outside of your school. (Image Credit: stevepb / Pixabay)

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    9 tips to survive school despite disability, what i have to do now in this condition. I didn't want to burn my time because i know the time is really important for me and no one can replace the despite time which i spend in school.
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