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A British Engineer Makes a Wheelchair Which Can Be Folded Up Into a Carry-on Bag
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A British Engineer Makes a Wheelchair Which Can Be Folded Up Into a Carry-on Bag

Air traveling can be a tough time for people with disabilities since they have a wheelchair with them which they have to either load in the luggage hold somehow or purchase a new wheelchair as they get down from the flight.

But Richard Williams who is a British engineer has solved the problem of all people with disabilities. He has developed a wheelchair that can fold into doubles as a carry-on bag.

The device is called the Traveller Chair, the outer body is covered with an aluminum frame. The chair weighs approximately 6 kg (13 lb).

The wheelchair is built totally like a carry bag, users can easily carry it either with their hands or they can put it around their shoulder as it has a shoulder strap built-in, it comes with cargo capacity up to 17litres.

Many people who travel for work and carry some important documents with them, keeping this in mind William has also installed an "easy-to-reach" pouch where they can keep their documents without any worries.

Williams has made the chair in such a way that it can easily be folded up and place in the above plane locker just like a normal carrier bag, There are approximate 40 airlines who have already ask for the chair till now.

From a folded carry bag to a normal pushed wheelchair the Traveller Chair takes only 30 seconds to transform. The wheelchair comes with lap stress which can be used as a footrest, at the both there is armrest so that the hands don't be hanging, it also can carry some stuff which belonging to the wheelchair user.

Despite being a wheelchair that can transform into a bag, it can easily carry a person who is weighted up to 100 kg (220 lb). To avoid any kind of automatic rolling away when it's parked, there is a rear brake in the chair.

Currently, the Traveller Chair is as a subject at a Kickstarter campaign. Soon the product will be in the markets and till now they have planned a retail price of £485 ($626).

Image credit: MabelAmber/ PIxabay

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