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Answer the Call to Shovel
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Answer the Call to Shovel

As snow falls heavily this winter, it's no a surprise that you can no longer see streets, sidewalks, curb cuts or curb ramps clearly. As the roadway and pavements are blanketed with snow, it is extremely important to do something about it; that is to hear the call to shovel.

For a lot of people, walking through those heavily snowed sidewalks is a major accessibility issue. Most of them would have lots of complaints and would even be angry to those landowners who don't shovel adequately. 

If trudging through the snow covered streets, pavements and curb cuts are already difficult for people who can walk, how much more those who have wheelchairs or  have physical limitations. It is greatly necessary to clear every passage from snow to prevent or avoid accidents and injuries.

If the snow coating the streets and even your hallway along your front door is just too massive, most of the people would have to stay home, unable to go to their workplace, or attend to important appointments. Students could not go to school, too. Sadly, there are times that people take the risk and are forced to go through the impassable pathways because their jobs are more important than the snow covering the sidewalks.

For those who use wheelchairs, it is not surprising that they will have a very hard time passing through. And unfortunately, most of the time they get stuck in the snow.

Staying at home during these times is no longer an excuse. If you have a job and you need to pay the bills and other fees, you have no choice but to get through that snow and go to work. And for the students, their teachers and professors no longer accept the “snow excuse” for absences, tardiness or missed exams and quizzes.

Because of this, it is indeed important that business owners or landlords will do some shoveling to the sidewalks and curb cuts. Clearing the snow in the sidewalks in front of the house or property is one great way of helping others pass without struggling from the heavy snow.

Shoveling and clearing the sidewalks, streets and pavements is an important act in avoiding and preventing accidents and injuries caused by inaccessibility of roadways due to heavy snow. Those who are at risk more are those people who require accessibility. Older citizens are also at risk for accidents if they are walking through snow blanketed sidewalks.

It is imperative that people will answer the “call to shovel” to help each other solve major accessibility issues related to snow-blanketed curb ramps and pathways. Being genuinely concerned for the welfare of others enables people to be considerate to those who are trudging through the thick snow. This in turn will encourage them to take action by shoveling the snow from the pathways and sidewalks.

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