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A Gofundme Account for Shelly’s Wheelchair Van
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A Gofundme Account for Shelly’s Wheelchair Van

Being disabled in any way can be a hindrance in an individual’s life. Depending upon the severity of one’s disability, their quality of life can be reduced a great deal. For folks who are no longer able to use their legs and use a wheelchair as a means of movement, it is quite an issue to travel from one place to another.

However, technological advancements continue to take human kind further. With the advent of wheelchair vans, paralyzed individuals can now freely travel to any place of their choosing. Some may think that this is only possible if one can afford to buy a wheelchair van but that’s not necessarily the case. If you are like Shelly, you can go ahead and set up a GoFundMe account to get the wheelchair van you need.  

Hope in Troubled Times

Delaine "Shelly" Lewis’ story has always been one of hope. After a gruesome bike accident ten years ago, Shelly received a Traumatic Brain Injury as a result of falling headfirst. After a total of more than 30 surgeries, Shelley lost her temporal lobe which forms about 25% of her brain. This has left the right side of her body completely paralyzed, with her left ear deaf and her right eye blind. Without 1/4th of her skull, she is completely dependent on others for the most basic of tasks. Despite all of this, however, she remains her resilient self and tries to thrive at her life.

Eugene Robbing Spree

After receiving an electric wheelchair and a wheelchair van as a gift from her mother around a year ago, Shelly had regained some of her independence to move about. Recently, however, another hindrance came Shelly’s way. As part of a series of robbing sprees across her hometown of Eugene, Oregon, her van also fell prey to the thieves. This not only took away the little independence Shelly had but is also keeping her from going for her appointments with the doctor.

To add even more misery to her everyday life, Shelly also lost her ‘bump cap’, a special helmet that helped protect her brain during her visits to the doctor’s, with her van. Without this, her family cannot take her for her appointments because of the risk it involves.

Turning to the Public for Help

Without the finances to buy another van and bump cap outright, Shelly remains bound to her house. That is why her daughter has set up a GoFundMe account in order to get her mother a new wheelchair van and helmet.

GoFundMe is the world’s number one fund-raising website, with over 3 billion dollars raised worldwide. Users have successfully been able to raise money for important personal causes through the platform. GoFundMe unites friends, family, and complete strangers in helping the people in need make their dreams come true. This is the perfect way for Shelly to raise the money she needs for a new wheelchair van, and everyone who can help her achieve her target is encouraged to do so.

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