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A Life Changed by One Person
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A Life Changed by One Person

It was one nearly fatal shot that would be responsible for changing the life of John Loughlin forever. Living in his wheelchair, he honestly thought he would be stuck on the Philadelphia streets forever. That is until Lolly Galvin walked into his life. Today, without embarrassment, he claims that she is his angel.

What changed Loughlin’s life so drastically?

Brought up in Ardmore, John grew up with his mom, after his parents separated when he was just four years old. His mom was his best friend until she passed away when he was just fourteen years old. At that point, Loughlin said he gave up on life, even though he knew his mother would never have approved of that.

Since that day, Loughlin’s life began to fall apart. He got into drugs, which in turn caused him to become financially unstable. He soon lost his apartment and was living on the streets. Then, one day in Kensington, Loughlin got shot and suffered serious injuries. Although he was back to his usual routine after some treatment, he soon after got hit by a car. And after checking in and out of one hospital after another, he was once again back on the streets.

How did it all get better?

Given his injuries and his inability to function like he used to, John had almost given up on life until the arrival of Lolly Galvin. Galvin, along with a friend, had taken up the project of giving haircuts to the homeless people in that area.

Although John refused the haircut initially, a few weeks later when Loughlin came again, he consented, as his hair had become quite unruly by then. Galvin noticed that Loughlin needed serious care in order to get better.

Upon taking responsibility for him, she first tried to find a hospital that would give him the surgery he needed to recover. After checking local hospitals across the area, she finally found one that did the surgery and fixed Loughlin’s injuries, allowing him to walk again. This great miracle was completely unexpected for Loughlin and made him declare that she truly was his angel and his best friend.

How is Galvin touching people’s lives?

John Loughlin certainly wasn’t the exception in this case. Galvin began a project called The Dignity Project, back in 2016. It didn’t have aim behind it. It was simply to collect money in order to do small things for homeless people. It was social media that got the project moving forward.  Since then, Loughlin and her friends & family took the project to greater heights.  

Apart from the haircuts, Galvin has also managed to collect donations that enabled her team to provide 254 sleeping bags to those who have no place to go and also provide people with dignity bags that contain hand warmers, deodorants, socks and other essential items.

Galvin has always tried her best to help the homeless which is why, when Loughlin says that “she is my angel,” the sentiment probably resonates in the hearts of many people in that area.  

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