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A Lovely Hike in San Diego
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A Lovely Hike in San Diego

Nature abounds with its beauty and wonder. Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and take in some fresh air. The exertion and the pleasure combined together is sometimes one of the most satisfying experiences.

Avid hikers may be able to take up on any trial no matter how steep, but what about those who face mobility issues?

Seems as if there are certain individuals who truly care and advocate happiness and enjoyment for all. One of those individuals was Jas Arnolds. According to his daughter Megan, her father ensued in an eight year battle lobbying for a trial which would be accessible to all people, even those who were wheel-chair bound.

His efforts finally paid off with the opening of San Diego’s first wheel-chair friendly trial. Despite being physically challenged himself, Arnold was a fighter. He was an inclusive person and wished that everyone could enjoy the beauty of nature no matter who they were.

His persistence allowed him to come into contact with Black Mountain Open Space Park Citizens Advisory Committee. This helped smooth things out and work began on the trial soon after.

City councilman Mark Kersey applauds Arnold’s vision and ideas. He believes that Arnold is an example for all. The trial is a tribute to Arnold who never let his disability, get in the way of helping others. It’s called the Jas Arnold Trial for all people.

The Jas Arnold Trial for all people

1. The trial is located in the Black Mountain Ranch Open Park

2. It is almost a mile long

3. It’s also considerably flatter and wider than usual trials to allow easy access for wheelchairs and families with small children

4. The trial is made up of decomposed concrete to make the trial as smooth as possible

5. It took around $238’000 to be constructed

All these features allow it to be easier to access. This is something which can be enjoyed by all and sundry, from families with small children, to the elderly as well as the disabled.

After all, nature is for everyone and what better way than to enjoy it by embarking on a scenic trial.  This could actually be a trend setter for other states to follow as well.  It would be great to see everyone else take an initiative too and live in a world where empathy rules supreme and everyone gets an equal opportunity.

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