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A New Life
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A New Life

Marie had had a normal life up to the point of her diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis. Then her whole world was turned upside down. Everything changed how she felt about life, herself, her world. She became, scared angry and felt like she needed to make a change in how people seen her and the many others like her.

She was told by her doctors the medical side of what Multiple Sclerosis was. But, no one ever addressed the emotional side of MS.

It is a battle daily to feel good enough to do the basic daily life. We get tired of hearing how good we look, that we can’t be sick. People do not understand that with every new day we face new things. No two days are ever the same.

Some days we can walk fine others we can’t walk. Some days we have severe pain others we don’t. So sometimes we need wheel chairs and other times it seems we walk fine.

People look at us and think we are faking. That we don’t need to park in handicapped spots but what they don’t realize is that Multiple Sclerosis is both physically and mentally destructive.

MS actually has the power to tear families apart. Cost us our jobs, our way of life. Luckily, there are a few people who try to understand but, they really don’t. People who try to understand do one of two things either they let us do nothing for ourselves or they push us too hard to do everything for ourselves.

So either way we are hurt .By NOT being able to do for ourselves or we are hurt trying to do it all by our selves. Either way too much of either hurts us. People need to start seeing the disabled as having other abilities. We may not have the ability to do something you can do but we can do other things.

As for me I fight for our rights. I call senators, congressmen and all officials trying to teach them what we need and want from others.


My life has changed in many ways over the past few years since diagnoses. I now have a new life. I have found love. Moved to a new state and started a whole new life.

I have found strength I never knew I had. Over the past few years my strength has been put through many tests.

Not only do I have multiple Sclerosis but getting the diagnoses was a journey in and of its self.

It all started when I started having a mild stroke. I was brought in to the emergency room my left side tingling and not able to move. I was sent home and told to take aspirin.  Well, within two hours I was back in the emergency room. My symptoms were getting more and more intense.

I lost feeling in my entire left side of my body. This time they admitted me. They ran cat scans, MRI’s and blood work. At this point they thought I may have a brain tumor. So they did emergency surgery to do a biopsy of my brain while I was in surgery they placed an omaya reservoir in my head. This caused me to get bacterial meningitis. Causing them to remove the reservoir. This is when they found out I had Multiple Sclerosis.

I was emotionally distressed due to being disabled all at once. I became angry. Because I did not know what I was going to do to support myself and my kids now that I was unable to take care of myself.

I ended up letting my ex-husband take my four sons. I was unable to care for them. I was restricted to my wheelchair. This was making me more and more angry.

At this time I was feeling like my life was over. My husband that I was married to at this time left me because of this. After a while I met someone else and thought that there might be hope for me. But, it turned out that he was using me and had severe anger issues causing us to split up. So yet again I was feeling like my life was over that MS had taken everything away from me.

I had just come to grips with being alone for the rest of my life. Then it happened. I met someone who also had MS and we started talking on line. For three years we communicated through the internet.  Then he finally came to visit me. He stayed for three months and then he took me back to his home state North Dakota.

We moved in together and right after moving in he had a heart attack and I almost lost him. So after he got better we decided to get married and my life has turned around.

From sad, and lonely. To happy, and content. From scared to at peace. Now I have the strength I need to continue to fight for the rights of the disabled as I had always done. But, being disabled .Now it has a whole new meaning.

I want to make a difference in the lives of others. I never want to see others go through what I have endured.

I also want to make a difference in how we are treated in public. I have noticed that people stare at people with disabilities and snicker and talk.

Well I have been contacting senators and governors to try to make them understand that living with a disability is not something anyone wants to do.

Yes we need help, but I have seen people abusing the system. I am sorry being FAT or an ATIC or ALCOHOLIC I don’t think you should receive benefits.  If you do you are taking way from people like me who need it.

I agree that VETS should get benefits. But those other people who have disabilities from their own doing. We need to make sure only people truly deserving benefits gets the benefits.

I hope I live long enough to see the changes needed for the rights of the disabled.

I love hearing of a disabled person making a difference in the lives of others.

I hope that in my life time I am able to inspire others to stand up and make a difference.

I know how hard it can be to stay positive when dealing with a disease like MS but yet staying positive not only helps the way you feel but the way others feel as well.

Yes there is life after diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis!

I am living proof of that. I met my soul mate after I found out I had MS at first I thought MS was a death sentence but not too long later I found out who were my true friends and who was only using me for what I could do for them.

Although leaving my old life behind was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. It was also the best thing I could have done for myself and those who truly loved me.

With the love and support of my family and true friends I have come to realize that just because I have a disability does not mean life is over. Just life as I knew it is over. But, because it is I have moved on to a much better life. One, where I am happy, one where I know I can do more now than I did before because I understand what people with disabilities go through.  Before I thought I knew what people with disabilities went through it was not until I became disabled myself. It was after I realized what it truly meant to try to live with disabilities.


Now this is my life trying to live life to the fullest and do all I can to try to help others to live life to the fullest and give them a voice they never knew they had.

People need to be aware of the changes one person can make if they truly want to. It just takes a little persistence and will power but it can be done.

Anyone can contact their local government and their congressmen. You would be surprised at what you accomplish. Posting on Face-book and making people aware of the situation can also help. There are many people who are living with the same things and think they are alone. By sharing what you are going through and how you are handling it can make a difference in someone’s life.

Sometimes just being there to listen to someone helps them feel better. Just like someone who listens to you makes you feel better.

People with MS need to talk to others who are dealing with the same type of things. Sometimes it means more to people just to know they are not alone.

Some times while being diagnosed with MS it can be a long trying time. It can not only take a toll on the person who has MS but their family their friends and sometimes even their jobs.

MS can be hard on people who love you too as they try to understand what’s going on with you but they never truly can unless they get it they don’t get it.


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  1. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. A very powerful blog, helps me understand MS more. You might be interested in my latest blog here A Superhero, In More Ways Than One. Please check it out if you get a chance.
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    1. tinglemeyer
      I read your blog it was awesome and I voted for it
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