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A Request for Articles about Wheels
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A Request for Articles about Wheels

If you enjoy writing about rolling wheels, then you may want to give some thought to how that subject could relate to the life of a young boy, a male who is between the ages of nine and twelve. That is the age range of the boys who tend to read Boys Quest Magazine. That publication selects a theme for each issue, and “wheels” is the theme of a future issue.

That particular issue is scheduled to be published in October of 2016. The themes are announced well in advance of the date of publication, because work on each published issue begins six months before it becomes available to the waiting subscribers and other interested readers. Still, if you would like to pursue this opportunity, you have until April of 2016 to come-up with a way of tying the subject that you like to write about to some aspect of the life of a young boy.

 As someone who has had two articles accepted by and published by Boys Quest Magazine, I can offer a bit of advice. In both of my articles, I started by focusing on the actions being taken by a ten year old male. Then I tied those actions to the subject of my article. I chose to take that approach, because I had read that the editor was eager to catch the attention of a ten year old reader.

Unlike a blog, this magazine does not accept submissions that have been sent by email. If you want to share your knowledge about rolling wheels with a target audience that contains lots of pre-teen boys, then you will need to be sure that you have access to a printer. Mail your completed article to

Fun For Kidz Magazines

Attn: Submissions

P.O. Box 227

Bluffton, OH 45817


Give the theme in the letter that accompanies your submission. Also provide the editor with your email, phone number and mailing address. Do not forget to enclose a self addressed envelope, which will be used for contacting you. If you know someone who has chosen a rather unique career, because he or she is confined to a wheelchair, then you may want to contribute to the issue with that theme as well.



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