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A Second Plea to Camera-Owners of Los Angeles
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A Second Plea to Camera-Owners of Los Angeles

Is there a camera-owning resident of LA who lives near the Vermont Station on the Green Line? An observation made by Steve Lopez, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, indicates that at least some of the residents in the City of the Angels could benefit from the distribution of certain photographs. Those would be the photos that might be taken of the sidewalk on the 500 block of Vermont Avenue.

Now, the reader of this article has used the transit line that passes through Vermont’s station. In addition, she knows that at the typical metro station, a wheelchair-user encounters few challenges, assuming, of course that the elevator is working properly. Apparently the real challenge concerns the trip to that same station’s entrance.

Mr. Lopez has obtained a list of all the claims made against the City of Los Angeles by pedestrians, namely those who have been injured on one of LA’s sidewalks. He has discovered that a large percentage of such claims relate to an accident that occurred on the block that is close to the Vermont-associated station. That means that a delay in fixing such problems could well put limitations on any area resident who relies on a set of wheels, in order to get from place to place.

In the story that appeared in The Times on Sunday, February 2, Mr. Lopez does provide readers with a picture. However, it is not a picture of the location from which a majority of the complaints seem to be coming. Still, he appears ready and willing to see that such a photograph makes its way onto a printed page.

He has identified a problem with a possible solution, and he is campaigning for that solution. He hopes to gain voter support for a bond measure, one that will be listed on November’s ballot. Those men and women who get around on a set of wheels should make sure that his efforts are not thwarted, due to the receipt of only a limited number of photographs.

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