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A Wheelchair Didn’t Stop Him: Jack Jablonski's Life on the Ice
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A Wheelchair Didn’t Stop Him: Jack Jablonski's Life on the Ice

Jack Jablonski has always been passionate about hockey. Having played and followed the sport from a young age, he has known for a long time that he wanted to build his life around the ice. However, an unfortunate and terrible accident out on the rink several years ago left the young man paralyzed. In an inspiring story, Jablonski has gone on to prove that being in a wheelchair is not enough to prevent him from following his dreams. This tale could help to inspire many other people struggling with mobility issues or other disabilities. Jablonski has shown that even in the face of adversity, humans are capable of great things.

Jablonski is currently studying at the University of Southern California after managing to earn a scholarship with a professional ice hockey team, the Los Angeles Kings. Having grown up in Minnesota, it’s not surprising that Jack was always been interested in hockey, and he currently appreciates working so closely with a high profile team. His duties currently include organizing scout reports, seating charts for journalists, and specialized notes for the players before games. Jablonski has an expert understanding of hockey and is well appreciated by the staff and players in the squad.

Naturally, he misses being out on the ice himself, but just being near the rink and getting involved with the sport has allowed the twenty-year-old to feel at home near the ice once again. In his younger years, he used to play hockey on a regular basis, but his life-changing accident occurred while Jablonski was just sixteen. He was playing a high school game at the time and tumbled into the boards surrounding the ice. The impact did extreme damage to the young player's spine. After intensive surgery, doctors informed him that he would be unable to walk for the remainder of his life.

Jablonski has spent the last four years in a wheelchair but has adapted in a remarkable way. His mother, Leslie Jablonski, was forced to quit her job selling hair care products in order to care for her son. The idea of him finding his independence and jetting off for a new life at the university was an overwhelming one, but Leslie couldn’t be more proud of her son. He is a popular young man who has found many friends in his new digs. He has even created his own charity association, the Jack Jablonski BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation, and works tirelessly to raise funds for people suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Jablonski’s studies include a communications major with a sports media minor. He is also continuing his work with the Kings and his charitable endeavors. He plans to build his life around hockey, hoping to enter either management or sports journalism in the future. His inspired story is definitely demonstrative of the power of dreams.

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