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A Wheelchair Doesn't Change Who You Are: Embrace Your New Life
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A Wheelchair Doesn't Change Who You Are: Embrace Your New Life

Living life in a wheelchair can be a tough one for anyone. But for someone who is new to a wheelchair, social adjustments can be more challenging than the physical adjustments.

Depending on the level of support you have, the process of adapting to life in a wheelchair can be easier than expected.

If you are someone that has recently began using a wheelchair, consider some of these tips to make things go a bit smoother.

Don’t limit yourself.

Sure, there are certain things you just won’t be able to do anymore. But in terms of social conventions, don’t just avoid something because of your wheelchair. If you want to go to a concert or sporting event, then go. Don’t stop enjoying life.

Ask for help.

Even people that don’t have to worry with the obstacles that a wheelchair comes with can wrestle with pride issues from time to time. You simply need to embrace your new life. And part of that means asking for help when you need it.

Your chair is not your personality.

Were you easy-going and funny before you were started using a wheelchair? If so, do what you can to stay that way. Don’t let your wheelchair define you. Many people will take note of how you handle your new life, so make sure they see that you are no different than you were before.

Be expressive.

As clichéd as it might sound, keeping a journal to document your feelings can help. Looking back on your writing later will do wonders for helping you gauge your emotional progress. It’s also a great way to grip without fearing others will start to pity you. Draw, write, paint, do whatever helps you express yourself as a way to have a better understanding of your new life and how you can enjoy it.

The key point to remember is that at your core, you are no different than you were before your wheelchair. If anything, it actually makes you more unique.

What are some other bits of advice you can offer to enjoy your life in a wheelchair?

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