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A Wonderful Device Set to Make Wheelchairs Obsolete
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A Wonderful Device Set to Make Wheelchairs Obsolete

Wheelchairs are few of the devices used by paraplegic patients to aid them to go to places other than the hospital. But with technological advancement available today, a wonderful device is set to make wheelchairs obsolete.

Most paraplegic patients move through the use of wheelchairs. This device has been present since its invention in the 5th century and is used by many health institutions to help patients with paraplegia, and even those who are not able to walk or move around due to illness, injury or other disabilities, roam around the place.

But with today’s technology, experts are thinking of ways to help paraplegic patients move around easier and more convenient. They are consistently making innovations of making walking, sitting and standing easier for these patients.

In Turkey, a device has been created and continually develop that could possibly replace wheelchairs in the near future. This battery-operated device with a manual operating system allows individuals to walk, stand, sit, go shopping, visit a bookstore, and even do their activities of daily living on their own.

With this wonderful device, paraplegic patients can move around without assistance from others. They can continue their simple daily routine without asking other people’s help.

The device is designed like a scooter wherein the patient rides in it. Belts are attached to the patient’s waist and lower extremities for safety. The device is battery-powered and has a control just in front of the patient. The patient basically drives and manages it allowing the person to go anywhere he desires.

The device is specially designed wherein patients are able to sit and stand on their own. It is created that is bendable, in which it can assist the patients as they sit down. It is also made to be a little smaller than wheelchairs so that if it is not in use, it will be kept in the closet.

With the device’s amazing benefits, wheelchairs could become obsolete in the time to come. This wonderful device allows more activities for the patients boosting their self-esteem and helping them enjoy life as they learn to do things on their own.

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