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A Worthy Award for a Deserving Scott
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A Worthy Award for a Deserving Scott

Alex Papinakolaou, a young businessman from Glasgow, made history when he came up with a new invention that facilitated easier movement for disabled people. His invention of an innovative power wheelchair, which bagged him the Stelios Award along with a cash prize of £30,000, can certainly be considered as a worthy award for a deserving Scott.

History of This Achievement

Having been born with cerebral palsy, Alex knew how difficult it was to move from one place to another.  He got accustomed to using these chairs, and on becoming older, he started working toward getting disabled people employed in companies.

He made use of power wheelchairs ever since he was a child and has traversed over 170 cities, across 40 countries, with his wheelchair. However, he constantly had to put up with breakdowns caused due to improper servicing. These hassles limited his functioning in everyday life and didn’t help in achieving his goals. This was what led him to create a more reliable and durable wheelchair.

On returning to Scotland, he then took it upon himself to find ways in which he could make life better for people like himself. It was the national and international experience that he gained in his travels that paved the way towards success.

The Response He Received

Freedom One Life, Alex’s business, had to struggle initially as people did not extend much support toward the cause of disabled entrepreneurs. However, he soon got into Scottish enterprise and since then, it has been a steady move forward.

The Award Ceremony heard Alex speak about his journey. He went on to explain that it was three years ago when the thought of creating a better product for the people struck him. His main desire was to give wheelchair bound people more independence and better freedom to live their lives. It is because he was guided by the right notion that he was able to achieve something marvelous which resulted in a worthy award for a deserving Scott.

What Makes This Achievement Great?

This next generation power wheelchair is created to offer durability and stability more than anything else. It also offers really good performance in comparison to power wheelchairs that were already in the markets.

This wheelchair was devised with the intention of making movement easier for wheelchair-bound people. Given the number of applications that were sent in, this victory was a huge achievement. At the same time, from the fact that two of the four finalists had creations for the disabled, it is clear that the boundaries for the disabled are clearly being challenged, and at the same time, they are moving on to make a big impact in the entrepreneurial sector.

More than that, this opportunity allowed Alex to come up with new innovations that would assist in improving the lives of people like him. The award was given to him just three years after its inception. This thrilled him as he could now work on getting his ideas better recognised and accepted by society at large. It's safe to say it was certainly a worthy award for a deserving Scott, and the victory would have surely touched him.

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