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A new active symbol
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A new active symbol

I can't say that there is too much that I agree with when it comes to decisions by the city of New York. I do have to make one exception though and that is their decision to begin to use a new symbol to identify people with disabilities.

I am not "wheelchair bound" or "handicapped" and I most certainly do NOT have "Special Needs". All those terms sound so needy and helpless.

I AM a wheelchair user, a Person with a disability. Better yet, I Am a simply just a Person.

The new symbol isn't about being needy or helpless, it is a symbol for Access. It portrays people with disabilities as active, independent and capable.

So good for you New York City, you got this one right.

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  1. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. Nice blog. I like this new symbol too! Very like the RWL logo, isn't it? You might be interested in my latest blog here, A Superhero, In More Ways Than One. Please check it out if you have time.
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  2. pftsusan
    I like this one better.
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