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A Surprising Lesson: You Don't Need a Reason to Help People
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A Surprising Lesson: You Don't Need a Reason to Help People

In the greater scheme of things, yesterday was a very interesting day. My husband and I went to Grand Forks, North Dakota for appointments for him to receive his SSDI (Social Security Disability Income). It seemed to go pretty smoothly, so we are keeping our fingers crossed he receives it. After all, he found out his EKG (electrocardi0gram) was off. He has a medical defect that the doctor seems to think is good enough for him to get his SSDI. This, in conjunction with the fact that he has lost 3 inches of height over the last two years. It's concerning.

While we were at ALTRU hospital, I was seen at the emergency room, as my legs were very swollen and they were hurting very badly. Even though I was using my wheelchair, the pain was too much for me.

As we were getting ready to leave, my husband Todd went to get my prescription filled at the hospital pharmacy. I headed out to the truck and on my way a man asked me if I'd been excercising.  I politely replied that No, but I do in fact have MS. He then said something so ignorant that I thought my head was going to explode. He said “My daughter has MS and she can do everything!"  Again, I said to him very nicely: "MS is different for everyone!"  Just then, his wife came around the corner and explained to me that he just could not understand, even though this has been explained to him several times.

Come to find out this poor man had Dementia. I am so glad that I did not blow up on him like I usually would. He could not help it. But, I have to be honest, it did hurt. The way things are said, above what is side is sometimes what hurts the most and feels the most demeaning.

After 20+ years of teaching others, yesterday I learned yet again how hard it is to deal with someone else's cruel words. But it was also a good thing. I learned yet again to use my anger and hurt to educate more people about how to show individuals with disabilities the respect we deserve.


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  1. pftsusan
    I had been through this too. Great post.
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