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A Travel Website to Help Wheelchair Users
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A Travel Website to Help Wheelchair Users

A welcome problem for wheelchair travellers?

Solution: A Google-style treasure trove of relevant information!

Do I search for accessibility? Wheelchair? Inclusive tourism? Or even the acceptable American term ‘handicap’? Google is not a great way to search for information about wheelchair accessible holidays - the top results are held by large companies and then smaller pieces of information fight for space with myriad wheelchair sellers! brings together thousands of reviews and resources to help improve wheelchair travel by putting information in the hands of those who need it.

There have been many apps advertised - wheel map, Evans guide, even access earth but how does the wheelchair traveller know that they are looking at the right one or more love the ones available for the destination?

A visit to helps with this new conundrum.

My name is Susie and I’ve been a full-time wheelchair user for 4 years now.  I’m also partially sighted, I have pretty much lost the use of my left hand (and I’m left-handed) meaning that I can’t write (no postcards from me!)  and my voice regularly stops working (so no long phone calls either)!

Think that’s enough to stop me travelling? Think again!

I have always loved travelling and I know that being prepared for anything, accepting of everything and daunted by nothing is a vital attitude to having a positive travelling experience.

Obviously travelling is much more difficult now and I need an awful lot more information as well as a level of planning which would be admired by the Queens security forces!

But with the help of information and reviews from other wheelchair users, I have a much better idea of the destination which I am planning to visit, information about where to stay, where to eat, where to see.

My first trip in a wheelchair was to Barbados, and I was quite fortunate because Barbados has some dropped curbs and some disabled toilets. However, the most useful information I gained whilst there was from another wheelchair user who told me that he is able to go swimming in the sea every day - the lifeguards on the beach will l carry you across the sand, bring you back when you need to leave and keep an eye on your wheelchair for you. This was massively useful information and I was able to go to the beach and in the sea!

There is so much great information out there from other wheelchair users and I love being inspired by other people's experiences. Every time I travel, I find new information that I wish I had seen before my previous trip.

So I had a great idea. Create a site that brings all this wheelchair user traveller information together, links to all of these really useful reviews and resources and also provides a place for people to add more reviews that they wish.

So Wheelchair World ( was born. I had grown and now there are 90+ countries with links to hundreds of reviews from wheelchair users as well as useful information such as tourist information for disabled visitors and various service providers such as accommodation,  travel agencies and day trips.

Come and check out - and please email if there is anything that you think should be added!

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