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ADA Compliance: Websites Are Still Largely Inaccessible
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ADA Compliance: Websites Are Still Largely Inaccessible

The disability community is over $1 billion strong. That’s a lot of money to leave on the table of businesses provided they meet the accessibility requirements for people with disabilities. There are 57 million people with disabilities in America and a lot of them rely on online services, it is better if businesses would make their website accessible. It would not only favor the customer, but it would also help make businesses more productive and profitable. 

A study conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International in January 2011, revealed that 54% of adults living with a disability go online for shopping, entertainment, and research.

Companies were mandated to make their website and mobile app accessible under the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act but a lot of companies have not complied with the requirement, it is a shame that after 29 years of the ADA law companies are yet to make their website accessible to people with disabilities. 

"A lot of businesses out there do not know they stand to gain a lot from having an accessible website, some people with disabilities go online every day but they could not access some online stores because they are inaccessible. The accessible website seems to be less talked about issue, we aren't paying more attention to that area in this country, look around, you would realize that a lot of people including the politicians who seek to govern us does not care about the website accessibility. Do you know that none of the candidates for next year's presidential election have an accessible website? How do you promote disability rights without putting website accessibility into consideration? We have a long way to go in this country. I think the best thing to do is to start dragging some of the businesses to court for lack of accessible website," John Whitetalker, a disability rights advocate in New York said. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act require all businesses with physical locations to make their websites and other online platforms accessible. 

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