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ADA isn't enough
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ADA isn't enough

It's said that if you don't have a plan for your retirement, you will pass away shortly thereafter. I had a plan. I worked, put away and dreamed.

I lost one leg in a motorcycle wreck and the other was damaged during my time in the Navy so I spend a lot of time in an electric wheelchair. My wife lost both of her legs to diabetes so we're both in electric wheelchairs. So, my plans had to be adjusted.

My plan was to sell the house and vehicles, buy a motorhome and travel. The plan was much more detailed but you get the picture. 

Ever tried to buy a motorhome from a wheelchair? The motorhome industry is consciously choosing to not make their floor plans wheelchair accessible. No market they say. And when I use the word "say", I mean I called Winnebago corporate about not even being able to get in one to see if RVing is for me. The gentleman I spoke with laughed at me for even suggesting it. AND said, "do you know how many times we get calls like this?"

I've attended every RV Show in my area for years. Not one model that I could get into. I even spoke at length with the person who sponsors the shows and each year I get assured that next year they would bring one that is wheelchair accessible. None of the RV dealerships in the area will put one on their lot because "it won't sell".

I don't care if it sells or not. The last time I checked, 10,000 baby-boomers retire every day. They put their money away for their golden years. And as I have learned, life tends to cause one to slow down. Mobility becomes an issue. And what of our veterans who have lost limbs? I ask any person I see at VA facilities who is in a wheelchair when was the last time they jumped in an RV and went to see the country they fought to defend. The answer is always the same, "You can't".

Those are just two groups whom the RV industry has CHOSEN to discount. But can you get a motorhome made for wheelchair access? Yes. The manufacturers can and do make them. For a regular Class A motorhome, one can expect to pay around 200Kusd. To get one made wheelchair accessible, one can expect to pay 450Kusd.

Having to pay extra for regular things is something the chairbound is used to doing. But over twice the cost? And (the thing I can't get over), laughing at someone who is just trying to find a way to continue enjoying life is inexcusable. And yet, we face it every day...

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