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ARSOBO: A Cross Border Initiative Changing Lives
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ARSOBO: A Cross Border Initiative Changing Lives

Antonio Garcia is a mechanic from southern Sonora. He has been dependent on crutches for three years due to a motorcycle accident that resulted in his right leg being amputated. He could not afford a prosthetic leg due to a weak financial status.

But a non-profit organization called ARSOBO came to his rescue and gave him the prosthesis that he needed. The organization is a collaboration between the United States of America and Mexico. Its sole aim is to work for the welfare of Mexicans with disabilities who have a weak financial condition. It provides prosthesis, hearing aids, and wheelchairs among other things.

ARSOBO also provides people who were once isolated and depressed due to their condition an opportunity to come out of their shells and attend schools or work a job.

The nonprofit was co-founded by Duke Duncan who is a retired pediatrician that talks passionately about his aim to help those in need. Gabriel Zepeda works for the organization and designs the wheelchairs to uniquely fit the needs of every customer. He himself fell victim to paralysis after a drunk driver crashed into his truck when he was 18 years old. Zepeda prefers using materials that are locally available, making it convenient for users to get their chairs easily repaired in Mexico.

ARSOBO develops its own prosthetics. Mexican Engineering students assist in the designing of rechargeable solar batteries which can be used in hearing aids. ARSOBO has provided over 290 wheelchairs, 535 hearing aids and 210 prosthetic limbs to those in need during the past 5 years of its functioning.  ARSOBO wonderfully takes up the issues that go mostly unchallenged in Mexico and its public health system. It also provides employment to people with disabilities in its organization.

ARSOBO is a very important cross border project where the US and Mexico work together in harmony and have achieved tremendous progress in helping the people with specific needs. This is a wonderful initiative and has constantly given tremendous results for the greater good of the people.

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