Rolling Without Limits

Your mobility may be limited. Your voice, boundless.

Acceptance starts with you!
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Acceptance starts with you!

Everyone on earth wants to be accepted for who they are. This is especially true for people who are uniquely different. I’m not just talking about physical disabilities but anyone who feels different from the norm.

I don’t remember when I realized that I was different from all the other kids. My parents worked hard to help me gain confidence and always said that I was an angel sent from heaven, and that I was perfect, god didn’t make mistakes. I have an older brother who never treated me any different, which was a blessing; in fact, no one treated me different in my family.

I came out of the womb an artist; a heaven-sent gift that I acquired from my grandfather & mother, and even my dad had some musical talents. I focused on those things that I did very well, rather than the few pesky things I had trouble with.

As I grew up, I had issues with kids being cruel and saying mean things. I could never think of a good comeback in the moment, but I could later. 

My mother loved words, and she challenged me to come up with new words and to be creative in all areas. When all my friends were cussing I would be busy thinking up another way to say it, which delighted my mother, and it was fun even though my friends got irked, it didn’t matter they learned to like it.

My confidence wavered as I grew up one because I couldn’t understand math to save my life, and they just chalked it up to my initial disability but in reality, I had dyscalculia –(difficulty in learning or comprehending arithmetic)

All my other classes I had gotten good grades except for math. I felt stupid, and since they chalked it up to my Cerebral Palsy, it made it even worse since many people equate all CP with being slow which is NOT the case.

It wasn’t until I applied to college that they gave me the test and told me what was wrong, and then I read up on it and found out famous/smart people have the same condition. My confidence shot up immediately, and I had the tools to overcome my limitation.

Boys were another confidence crusher no matter how tough I played it by saying “Oh if they don’t like me oh well”. It was devastating when I got stood up and I had gotten all ready for the date only to sit on the couch for hours hoping he would still come.

Luckily I would bounce back after the crying subsided and moved on. Boys always liked me but they just couldn’t bring themselves to go out with me (AB –Boys) after school.

If I were at the mall and I had my crutches under the table so no one would trip on them and no one could see my braces with my jeans on no one could tell anything was wrong with me until I got up and then the flirting was so over.

I hated walking in front of a cute boy because I knew the second they saw me there was no chance.

As always I focused on my art and tried to forget boys. It wasn’t easy I had been boy crazy for years.

As it turns out growing up has its advantages and using a wheelchair turned my social life upside down in a heartbeat.

The older guys were much more receptive to me now and I finally started dating. Real dates not the “friend” date, whatever that was. I got flowers all the time and jewelry, cards and had awesome dates. Most of the guys that I had dated were wonderful each in their own way.

Still, something was missing for me and I searched for the “one” that made my heart flutter and gave me butterflies and the one who I was afraid to lose. That would be the guy for me.

It was in my late 30’s when I met the man of my dreams Bryan, he was everything that I had ever wanted in a man. Funny, honest, caring, romantic, loving who doesn’t mind snuggling which is very important to me as I have always been a snuggler.

He also accepts me just the way I am, he doesn’t want me to change and isn’t expecting me to “get better” and walk one day, as some of the others had expected, crazy guys.

Because of everything that had happened in my life it made it easier for me to pick the perfect guy for me. The one that truly accepts me and who I wouldn’t change for anything.

I learned the hard way you must accept yourself before you can hope to have true acceptance from anyone else.



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