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Accessible Home Design
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Accessible Home Design

The ADA law was passed about 30 years ago but the United States is still lagging behind when it comes to accessible housing.

Although there has been positive progress in ensuring that there are a lot of accessible homes for people with disabilities but considering the fact that “accessible” can mean different things to different people and that needs are unique, it is left for people with disability to choose the kind of accessible home design that would be suitable for them. 

Accessible houses can be built, rented and customized with accessible home designs, tools, and gadgets. Accessible houses can be found easily online on sites that connect homes with potential owners nowadays, and for people who still want to hire realtors, I think it is important to hire a realtor who has experience in finding accessible homes.

What do I need to live independently? This is one question you need to ask yourself and also produce an answer to before you build or search for an accessible home. You may need to make a few modifications to suit your wants if need be, make sure you are considering your future needs as well as your current ones. Is your disability likely to evolve with age? If so, how will this affect your home’s design?

Accessible homes should be fitted with luminous lighting, check for that too because good visibility can greatly reduce the risk of accidents. People with disabilities must be protective. 

Accessible home design is the best thing for people with disabilities but what is the essence of accessibility if one's community or neighborhood isn't accessible and inclusive.  

It’s important to find the right contractor when building accessible homes... Specifically, look for contractors with plenty of experience in home accessibility modifications. 

Accessible home design is one thing we must keep fighting for, with a total of 1 to 5 Americans having disabilities, it safe to advocate for accessible homes for the whole country. 

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