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Accessible Vehicles
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Accessible Vehicles

Until quite recently conversions for motor vehicles in particular were still prohibitively expensive for the masses and as such most vehicles were provided by small, local firms that made one off conversions to order. Things began to change at the start of the new millennium and since then accessible mobility vehicles have come on leaps and bounds and are now provided by much larger companies with the aid of mass manufacture. Now there are a wide variety of new and second hand vehicles on offer and companies such as Allied Mobility work with Motability to ensure that you get the most suitable vehicle for your individual needs that also fits your budget.

Past Times:

Motability and mobility cars have totally transformed the lives of many elderly and disabled people nationwide.

Previously, city centers and far flung locations off the beaten track were simply inaccessible to a lot of those people who are physically disabled. Times are changing with more disabled access being introduced into city centers and the government supporting the access to mobility vehicles for those that need it. Current Worries:

Some forms of accessible transportation, mobility scooters in particular, are causing a bit of friction on paths and roads nationwide. There appear to be two main issues, the first being where it is appropriate to ride the scooters. Is it something that should be used on the roads or pavements? It is tough as scooters are much slower than cars and can cause problems on the road but equally they are a bit big for pavements and can cause problems there too. The second issue is that non-disabled persons seem to be buying them on the second hand market as an alternative to a car as they are an inexpensive option.

How To Get a Motability Vehicle:

If you are looking at purchasing or hiring a vehicle that is accessible for a disabled user, start by finding out a bit more about what is on offer. To get the most comprehensive knowledge and take advantage of over thirty years of providing accessible vehicles visit the Motability website which gives a thorough explanation of how you can exchange your government funded mobility allowance for a new scooter, car or powered wheelchair. Motability is a national charity that was set up with full party support from the government in the mid 1970's. Since then they have provided over three million cars, scooters and powered wheelchairs to aid disable persons with their mobility needs.

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