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Adaptive Clothing Brings Cheers
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Adaptive Clothing Brings Cheers

For years, people have been talking about innovations, upgrades and other improvements needed for personal mobility devices of all kinds. But what about fashion and clothing?

There are a lot of concerned and caring organizations and individuals who have been giving their efforts, time and even finances to help raise awareness for the community of people with physical needs. They mainly pointed out on the improvement required on mobility devices and transportation services. Izzy knew about that and she wanted to help those people as well, but in a different and fashionable way.

Izzy Camilleri, a famous fashion designer from Toronto, has been working in the fashion industry for decades. Her fashion taste, designing techniques, and style have been acknowledged by renowned artists and celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, David Bowie and Meryl Streep.

The Toronto fashion designer has been spending almost all of her designing career making clothing for famous people and Hollywood stars. But six years ago, she designed something else, something special. She created a clothing line for people with disabilities.

The idea of creating adaptive clothing began when she was asked by the late T 2451 oronto Star journalist, Barbara Turnbull, to make her a custom cape. Turnbull, who was paralyzed from the neck down, told Izzy that she wanted the cape to work with her while sitting in the wheelchair.

After meeting Turnbull, Izzy then noticed that the clothing for wheelchair users needs to be a little different. She also realized that the fashion industry has been largely ignoring those who use mobility devices. With that, she then started to create adaptive clothing – clothes specially designed for people using wheelchairs. And that was when the “IZ Adaptive” was born.

For more than half a decade, the “IZ Adaptive” collection presented clothing created and designed specifically for wheelchair users. The collection featured clothes that best function when worn while seated in a mobility device.

For instance, the jeans are made without back pockets. This is to prevent or avoid pressure sores from developing. The jeans are also designed with a pitch in the back so that when the user sits down, there will be no wrinkles in the front.

Jackets and coats, according to Izzy, need to be cut in an “L” shape. This style or technique prevents the jackets and coats from looking folded over in a mobility chair.

Specially-made skirts, shorts, sweaters and a variety of outerwear are also included in the collection. This allows her customers to have their own fashion statement by choosing or picking their own ensemble from a wide array of clothes. Since the launching of the “IZ Adaptive”, Izzy has been gaining a lot of clients from all over the world.

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