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Adaptive Yoga: Matthew Stanford
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Adaptive Yoga: Matthew Stanford

I have touched upon this before but haven’t really gotten into how important “Adaptive Yoga” is for your health. Everyone should be utilizing Yoga as part of their daily workout routine.

Adaptive Yoga:

  • An increase in flexibility, 
  • helps with breathing, 
  • helps you connect with your body,
  • Improves Balance, 
  • Increased strength, 
  • balance and flexibility,  
  • both mental and physical renewed sense of freedom.

My absolute favorite Adaptive Yoga is “Mind Body Solution” created by Matthew Standford. I have his DVD, and it’s perfect for anyone with a physical limitation.

If you think, you cannot do the workout because you are a quad you are so wrong! This is for everyone; it's not how much you move it’s the quality of what you can move that counts. If you can move your finger, great focus and listen to Matthew and learn to combine physical & mental together, afterwards maybe you’ll be able to move two fingers and next your hand. You can find Matthew’s videos on YouTube. Go to his website “Mind Body Solution”.

I’ve said this before and I truly mean it. One of the worst parts of having a disability is lack of control and with Yoga and working out you feel like you are gaining back control over your life as well as hopefully getting better. Your mood brightens and things don’t seem quite as bad. You can cope with pain easier and are more fun to be around for everyone else in your life. To top it off you get your sexy back, who doesn’t want that?

So eat your veggies or drink them, drink your water and get your favorite workout partner and get your YOGA ON! Oh yeah, those worried about getting on the floor for your Yoga, don’t worry. You can do everything from your chair and if you want to get on the floor there are methods for that too. Matthew has thought of everyone when he created is Yoga DVD. There are a ton of Adaptive Yoga YouTube videos to watch to get you started.


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.


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  1. deddancer
    I not only use yoga but teach it. I teach Recuperative Yogaand work with those with injuries and chroic illnesses .. .. other yoga modalities that use adapatations are Theraputic yoga and Iyengar yoga .. so if you are looking for classes I recommend looking for those names. I am a power chair user for distances, cane and AFO user for shorter distances and deal with Post Polio Syndrome myself.
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