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Adaptive Zumba
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Adaptive Zumba

The Zumba exercise craze is now being adapted for people of all abilities! You could even call Zumba the all-inclusive workout. encourages participants to ditch the typical workout and join the party! In fact, doing Zumba really does feel like a party. A high energy workout, Zumba is a Latin inspired dance/fitness workout helping people lose weight, get moving, and discover their confidence since its founding in 2001.

Because Zumba works the whole body in a fun, encouraging atmosphere, people with various mobility issues can often easily adapt Zumba's movements to fit their ability and range of motion.

In fact, this new workout craze is even becoming popular among nursing homes to help residents preserve range of motion, flexibility, and maintain muscle tone, while providing an opportunity to connect with others and continue living an active lifestyle.

Zumba movements are designed to mimic many typical Latin dance styles like salsa, rumba, and cumbia. Although traditionally many of these dances require use of your entire body, they can easily be adapted for people with mobility challenges. Many movements can be done with the upper body from a seated position in a wheelchair. Because so many different styles of music are usually incorporated into typical Zumba classes, participants join into the motions they feel most comfortable with.

Apart from the fun, high energy environment, Zumba provides a lot of health benefits for able bodied and disabled participants alike! Burning calories, weight loss, increased muscle tone, stress relief, and continuing an active lifestyle, are just some of the benefits participants' experience. Most classes go by so fast, because you are focused on socializing, dancing and having fun. Try it! It won't even feel like a workout!

So what are you waiting for? Try a Zumba class today!

Call ahead and see what local classes have to offer for participants of all abilities.

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  1. pftsusan
    I had to vote on this one because it's one of my passions. I have a goal to teach Wheelchair Zumba. In Texas, they have the Miss Wheelchair Zumba contest, every year. Wrote about it in a post here, on Apr. 28th. It's all about the culture. Right now, they are phasing in urban dance. Started in 2004. I encourage everyone to go. Good post.
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  2. Edwise
    I contacted several Zumba instructors in my area a few years ago looking for a class I could join as a wheelchair user. Kinda dropped the ball on that, and never got into a class. But you've put the idea into my head to try again.
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  3. Tara Richardson
    Tara Richardson
    I'm a huge fan of Zumba and want to modify it more for wheelchair users but still make it fun.. This is a wonderful story
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  4. amanda
    Great post!
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  5. Chris Williams
    I wen to an exercise like this with my friend at We both enjoyed it!
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