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Advocacy Forum For People With Disabilites
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Advocacy Forum For People With Disabilites

The Disability Advocacy Town Hall Forum, which is a widespread program was supported by Minnesota charitable associations. It was held at the Whitney Senior Center. After a lot of theorizing, a short and enticing individual story, all members got the opportunity to share it before lawmakers.

Participants learned how to make an individual presentation. How to pick a particular issue and propose a solution in a span of three to four minutes. It is the standard amount of time allotted to the individuals while affirming in St Paul. In addition to that, they also learned tips on making relations with local and state administrators.

It was held during a customary gathering of the Brain Injury Support Group of Minnesota. This gathering meets every month at the Whitney Senior Center. Tom Theis, the organizer of the gathering, has confirmed before officials previously, on how traumatic brain injuries affect an individual’s living. He says figuring out how to talk freely and confidently before lawmakers are perplexing but it enables residents to bring out some good change in society.

Tom went on to say that he offers people credit for being fearless enough to do speak in front of lawmakers on this issue. He also added it would help lawmakers to learn about the problems people with disabilities face. Tom says because such a large number of individuals live with "hidden disabilities”. He emphasized that individual narrating is important to educate lawmakers. Tom explains that when you look at someone with a disability you see no difference at all, in fact, they look very normal. You see it only when they move physically or talk about the non-physical disability.

He deemed it important for lawmakers to see and experience it themselves. In his view, this is the only way law is going to be modified. The Disability Advocacy Town Hall Forum will keep ongoing. It is planned to stop in Savage and Rochester also.

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