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All You Have to Do Is Think
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All You Have to Do Is Think

Life can be very hard for people who have to use wheelchairs every day to push themselves around for the simplest of tasks. This causes disabled people not only physical discomfort but also affects their self-confidence, especially when they have to rely on someone else for their needs.

These problems get only worse for people suffering from tetraplegia. Not only are they confined to their wheelchairs all day, they can’t even use their arms to move their chairs around independently. However, thanks to a new invention by Diwakar Vaish from A-Set Training and Research Institute, people who have no control over their limbs might just be able to move around independently, and all they would have to do is think.

A Young Asset for Robotics

Diwakar is a young engineer with a knack for inventing new kinds of robotic equipment. He achieved his first success at the age of 18 when he built a robot named Manav, with parts sourced from the local Indian market. Since then, he has been working on different projects and products, aiming to make lives easier for people all around.

Currently, he is the head of the Robotics and Research department at A-Set, in Delhi. At the mere age of 24, he has not only developed an amazing wheelchair for people who don’t have control over their limbs but is also working on other challenging projects. After the wheelchair, Diwakar is going to work on the development of a robot that will be able to remember a person’s choices.

A Revolutionary Wheelchair

The wheelchair that Diwakar has developed will be able to help paraplegics move around without anyone’s help. All they will have to do is think how they want the chair to move, and it will automatically start moving. The wheelchair works by first analyzing the impulses of the person sitting in it. After this, the person only needs to blink their eyes two times for the chair to start moving. The direction in which the chair will move is determined by what the user is thinking in their mind. Once it reaches the desired destination, the chair can be stopped by the user if they clench their eyes once.

The development of a chair that knows what the user is thinking and then moves accordingly may seem like an impossible feat, but Diwakar has managed to pull it off. His wheelchair can even detect if the user’s heart stops beating in case of an emergency, resulting in loud beeping to let people know of the situation.

This innovative wheelchair that Diwakar has designed comes at a price of Rs.200,000. He is developing the product continuously and hopes to see it in consumer markets soon.

It is people like Diwakar that are devoting their time and hard work to make lives better for the people around them. For someone who is suffering from tetraplegia, Diwakar’s wheelchair can be a true blessing when it hits the stores. All the users will have to do is think, and the wheelchair will provide them with a level of freedom that they likely haven’t had in a long time.

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